1. Maethen Dias says

    "smash all the things"
    now thats a slogan i can dig
    non of that aaa whish wash synonym hipocritical bs

  2. Simon Feldbein says


    Hey big nic i would like to know when i can buy this game?
    Is it on steam (gonna set it to my wishlist/release)

  3. The0rangeCow says

    Did this game get taken off the istore? Can't find it.

  4. Banzay27 says

    Good stuff, but please: your boss is a FUCKING zombie.
    It's game where you massacre your now-zombie office co-workers and turn your workplace into a veritable bloodbath.
    Let's not mince words, at this stage.

  5. sobekflakmonkey says

    I hope this game comes out for the PS4, I'd buy it again, I absolutely loved it, soundtrack is amazing and the game is super fun.

  6. jobbunt says

    "their"? this is all one dude's work mate

  7. Fallen says

    Currently for 0.00euros on Green Man Gaming, I shit you not

  8. ChakLong says

    Oh, and there are tons of Minecraft mods that make it more advanced graphically, while still keeping the style. A reason Minecraft is actually enjoyable and playable is because the graphics is simple. The graphics mod push it to the limits. Anything more and the game wouldn't be enjoyable because you wouldn't be able to see what the fuck is going on. Not to mention your computer would explode. Just because something looks simple doesn't mean it isn't taxing on your hardware.

  9. ChakLong says

    The graphics aren't "bad", they are just simple. Different visual styles.

    It is like saying movies without 3D effects shoved in your face and shit like that looks "bad". It doesn't look bad, it just doesn't have advanced stuff, that doesn't necessarily make it any better. Same with things such as art, somehow photorealism is dying off.

    I find the most beautiful video games are the ones that keep it simple. Some games these days try to look good, and only manage to make it feel half-assed.

  10. T0mN7 says

    I'm guessing because some people actually like that style, also this isn't a big gaming company, so while yes, the graphics look old it is made by a small group of people, when in the past you would need no less than a full company to develop such game. Also, good graphics doesn't mean it's a good game.

  11. The Art of Austen Mengler says


  12. The Physicality Channel says

    Sam gowno.

  13. Ender Man says

    Takie gówno kosztuje $3.99 ?! LOL ! Nie mówię że złe ale tak nie dopracowana gra kosztuje tyle pieniędzy ?! Takie gry jak: TES:Skyrim,Chivarly Medieval Warfare,Minecraft i inne mogą tyle kosztować ale to ??!!! Pffff !

  14. Sander te Hennepe says

    There is a mouth in the floor. Why is there a mouth in the floor?

  15. Víctor Valdez says


  16. Missingno4 says


  17. Master Of Idle Threats says

    Says it doesn't exist.

  18. MsBickle76 says


  19. rickjamesia says

    My only problem with this game is that it's nearly impossible to do a google search on it with this title, heh.

  20. Paulito says

    Bought this game for my ipod…and let me tell you man I LOVE IT!! hope the updates add new weapons and levels! maybe a sequel! Once again good game! PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO BUY IT!

  21. Slykuiper says


  22. grmlfimmel says

    Is this really funny or do i think it`s funny because the protagonist has excactly my job 😀

  23. hotChocolateLion says

    Ah, the beauties of steam

  24. Artyom Degrathy says


  25. Möp Möppelton says

    it's not even a joke xD

  26. Matthew Blackburn says

    ah! so that settles that, ill be on my way, cheerio!

  27. Matthew Blackburn says

    1. i know that but it just makes me think of I.T. crowd
    2. don't you have something else better to do than to be a ten man keyboard warrior?

  28. Matthew Blackburn says

    i know that, but that's what i relate to when i hear the phrase

  29. Bob_The_Avenger says

    Or perhaps a computer reference? I am pretty sure I.T. Crowd were not the first people to say that.

  30. Viktür Romeo Knutsford says

    EPIC DUDE i saw an ad for a indie game

  31. Matthew Blackburn says

    0:32 I.T. Crowd reference 🙂

  32. arrotodomedo says

    Just found the link for the greenlight page, you have my vote and my friends, good luck!

  33. arrotodomedo says

    Can i find this on greenlight?

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