Zelda Music To Relax/Study/Work/Game


I really love listening to Zelda music while playing games or working but there are always a few soundtracks that I don’t like or kill the mood so I decided to make my own mix. These are my 50 favourite songs from the games Ocarina Of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Breath Of The Wild!


Songlist with timestamps:

0:00 Twilight Princess – Courage
2:32 Twilight Princess – Prince Ralis is saved
6:39 Wind Waker – Grandmas Theme
11:06 Ocarina Of Time – Kakariko Village
14:10 Breath Of The Wild – Lurelin Village
19:00 Skyward Sword – Skyloft
23:24 Twilight Princess – Meet Illia
26:18 Ocarina Of Time – Zoras Domain
30:07 Wind Waker – Sage Laruto
32:02 Breath Of The Wild – Hateno Village (Day)
37:03 Skyward Sword – Fis Farewell
40:15 Twilight Princess – Departure
44:01 Ocarina Of Time – Title Theme
47:25 Breath Of The Wild – Gerudo Town (Night)
50:15 Wind Waker – Title Theme
55:38 Skyward Sword – Crimson Loftwing
58:09 Twilight Princess – Inside A House
1:00:37 Ocarina Of Time – Lon Lon Ranch
1:04:44 Breath Of The Wild – Tarrey Town (Normal)
1:06:21 Breath Of The Wild – Tarrey Town (Wedding)
1:09:35 Wind Waker – Outset Island
1:15:07 Skyward Sword – Romance
1:20:13 Twilight Princess – Ordon Village
1:24:31 Ocarina Of Time – Lost Woods
1:26:53 Breath Of The Wild – Rito Village (Day)
1:32:01 Skyward Sword – Bamboo Island
1:34:14 Wind Waker – Windfall Island
1:37:22 Ocarina Of Time – Gerudo Valley
1:41:24 Twilight Princess – Kakariko Is Saved
1:45:48 Breath Of The Wild – Miphas Theme
1:49:29 Skyward Sword – Island In The Sky
1:52:35 Wind Waker – Dragon Roost Island
1:56:50 Twilight Princess – Ordon Ranch
1:59:37 Ocarina Of Time – Kokiri Forest
2:02:10 Breath Of The Wild – Horse Stable
2:05:23 Wind Waker – The Great Sea
2:08:11 Skyward Sword – Knight Academy
2:10:31 Twilight Princess – Lake Hylia
2:14:06 Ocarina Of Time – Zeldas Lullaby
2:16:27 Breath Of The Wild – Zoras Domain (Day)
2:21:17 Wind Waker – Forest Haven
2:25:14 Skyward Sword – Isle Of Songs
2:29:28 Twilight Princess – Enter The Twillight Realm
2:31:31 Ocarina Of Time – Great Fairys Fountain
2:33:52 Breath Of The Wild – Korok Forest
2:37:55 Skyward Sword – Gate Of Time
2:40:55 Twilight Princess – Ilias Theme
2:43:11 Wind Waker – Beedles Shop
2:45:45 Skyward Sword – Message From The Goddess
2:48:10 Ocarina Of Time – Staff Roll

  1. Spidey Man says

    Skyward Sword- Fis Farewell gives me a reason to live… thats how good it is!

  2. DanceMusic says

    This such an amazing compilation. Thank you very much! Much needed!!!!

  3. Carlos Perez says

    Wind Waker – Sage Laruto is very reminiscent, at least to me, of much of Metroid's music. How much overlap is there between the Zelda music team and the Metroid music team?

  4. Tairo Lima says

    Hateno VIllage <3

  5. Destiny Leonard says

    I never realized that the rito village theme is dragon roost island. I could never hear it over link running around 😅.

  6. AnupShark says

    1:01:10 Lon Lon ranch

  7. Mr. Sprinkles says

    Dude my tears are staining the text on my notebooks 😡 thanks a lot

  8. hey hi says

    the ending was beautiful 🥺

  9. Sparrowkai 1 says

    Woah I didn’t even realize that vyQ had his own channel lol

  10. Anj Mazzo says

    Great Fairys Fountain is the greatest song of all time

  11. Evolvescape says

    The title is why I clicked on this and it is true

  12. molgan åberg says

    I hate what they did to this game 🙁 so beautiful and nice mechanics and then nothing to do with a SHITTY story 🙁 hope next one will be a real Zelda game

  13. Kirstin Burke says

    I haven't played most of these games lol. I've played Ocarina of Time multiple times, it was my very first game and it's my all time favorite because of that. I love the music in it so much as well! <3 I've played most of Breath of the Wild, which also has beautiful music to it, I was right towards the end of BOTW. I needed to do the sword trials and beat Ganondorf to finish it, I'll get back to it soon. I also would like to play these other games as well and I will one day, I just have to collect them all lol. Thanks for the playlist, it's nice to study to for work and also reminisce on my past with Zelda!

  14. DragonSlayer’s Workshop says

    Helps me to Draw, do homework, work, game or fall asleep

  15. Troy Conklin says

    immediate like and comment lol. you fucking rock

  16. Porter Dixon says

    It's truly amazing how inspiring Zelda music is. Even though this is just a compilation of music from the different games, it's still an experience that you can feel and understand if you pay enough attention.

  17. Ivonne Andrade says

    poop music >:D

  18. Adam Oliphant says

    I love how literally the only 4 Zelda games I've played are the only 4 in this video. I don't have to listen to someone elses nostalgia!

  19. Rafael Vargas says

    Don't read the comments get back to work

  20. Elariana Sky says

    i cannot believe i actually listened to all 2:55:17 of this whilst drawing BOTW Zelda (or trying to hsdnfsj)

  21. Fredrico Rasgado says

    great replie wolflix

  22. Jacob Rogers says

    If he goes in there with only those things, well…good luck Link

  23. Ivonne Andrade says


  24. Matías Ortega says

    Sin duda alguna esta es la mejor música que uno puede escuchar al momento de estudiar relajadamente. Amor eterno a toda la saga de Zelda y que siga creciendo.

  25. EVAN ALAM says

    Monster hunter music when??? Especially monster hunter frontier and monster hunter online music.

  26. MaskOn says

    gerudo valley in ocarina of time is my favourite

  27. David Aberuagba says

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  28. Greg Oliveira says

    Finally, something to listen to while I play Zelda!

  29. Void Lettuce says

    imagine the wind waker title theme (50:15) but with bagpipes! EPIC XD

  30. Jaxon Hijazi says

    Anybody who just started master mode like this

  31. EBanimations says

    I may be in the creepypasta fandom, but Zelda is so much better. I will be honest and say that the creepypasta fandom ruined Zelda. No criticism towards them, cuz Im part of them, but the whole BEN thing is annoying, making people veiw the Legend of Zelda in a different way. I hope people can understand that Im not trying to be rude, it's just that this game is so wholesome, and I don't want to see another good game, drown into the pits of horror

  32. EBanimations says

    Thankyou so much for this. Zelda has got to be one of the few things that are keeping me standing in quarantine. Best fandom ever. Even so I carved my own Zelda shield out of wood and sword and made my outfit for cosplay. lol its like 50 pounds. The legend of Zelda is the best thing that ever happend to me. Thx for this play of the music. Super nostalgic

  33. Jagged Games says

    I'm playing Ocarina of Time while listening to this.

  34. Jagged Games says

    vyQ uploaded "Zelda Music To Relax/Study/Work/Game"Everybody liked that.

  35. TheSavageProdigy says

    Never even played zelda but man thats a long list of songs, must be a good game. Deffinetly a long series.

  36. Stephanie Ochoa says

    32:04 Hateno Village reminds me of all the times I would ride my horse from the stables just so that I could place it in it's shed to be safe.

  37. Rebecca Bodenhamer says

    Zelda is not just a game is a whole VIBE

  38. M Hoskin says

    All of these songs are stuck in my heart

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