Xtreme Outlaw Series: Pro Mods drag racing 2013


XOS Round 4 media coverage presented by Midwest Automotive Promotions LLC, check them out on fb:

Xtreme Outlaw Series: Pro Mods drag racing at Kilkare Dragway in Xenia Ohio for the 4th Round of a 5 Race series all held at Kilkare! Make sure you check out my channel for more wheels-up XOS outlaw x235, x275 action and more:

This video features a custom soundtrack intro created by Voytek Pavlik! With tons of music available for your own youtube videos make sure you check out his creative commons intros, soundtracks and music:

  1. Jereau says

    Why are they all the same type of mustang

  2. Voytek Pavlik says

    Massive machines and the sounds 🙂
    Thanks for using my music track "Intro". Please credit me in the description.

  3. RussBohaty says

    Hi, I like this video. Have you considered making some more of these videos?

    Keep up the Great Work.

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