Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Confirmed! EA Sports NCAA Football Return Possible?


Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility! EA Sports NCAA Football Return Possible? Full story:

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Translated titles:
¡Se confirmó la compatibilidad con versiones anteriores de Xbox Series X! EA Sports NCAA Football

Abwärtskompatibilität der Xbox Series X bestätigt! EA Sports NCAA Football Return möglich?

La compatibilité descendante de la Xbox Series X est confirmée! EA Sports NCAA Football Return Pos

Compatibilidade com versões anteriores do Xbox Series X confirmada! É possível retornar ao futebo

Nakumpirma ang Compatibility ng Xbox Series X! Posible ang EA Sports NCAA Football Return?

Compatibilità con le versioni precedenti di Xbox Series X confermata! EA Sports NCAA Football Ritor

Xbox Series Xの後方互換性が確認されました! EAスポーツNCAAフットボールの

Potwierdzono zgodność wsteczną z konsolami Xbox Series X! EA Sports NCAA Football Return możliwy

Xbox Series X Geriye Dönük Uyumluluk Onaylandı! EA Sports NCAA Futbol Dönüşü Mümkün mü?

  1. junkmanjoker1 says

    Will ncaa 14 work on this system as well? Just curious

  2. Ramsey Hester says

    So I can play NCAA 14

  3. Trevor Phillips says

    PS4 and Xbox One was a shitty 7 years

  4. Taylor Branson says

    So if I login using my Xbox account on series x can I download my Xbox one content over to it for free?

  5. aldosv73 says

    All I want to know is well I be able to play the Armored Core series? If I can't their well be no reason for me to buy it.

  6. aldosv73 says

    All I want to know is well I be able to play the Armored Core series? If I can't their well be no reason for me to buy it.

  7. aldosv73 says

    All I want to know is well I be able to play the Armored Core series? If I can't their well be no reason for me to buy it.

  8. Dopah King says

    I have a question, will Xbox 360 games graphics look the same as they did on 360 on X Box Series x console or would the graphics look remastered?

  9. William White says

    Can I play Naruto Rise Of A Ninja on Series X.

  10. Razorface says

    I just want to be able to pop in ANY generation Xbox disc and the game plays. The current list of backwards compatible games on Xbox One is way too small. Make ALL of the Original Xbox & Xbox 360 games work.

  11. Overdriver29 says

    The questions is wether or not they are going to add more playable 360 and OG games in the Future

  12. Lionel Mexxi Axxxel says

    Xbox searis x will destroy Ps5 forever

  13. adstevens751 says

    It would be great to get College Hoops 2k8 and NFL 2k5

  14. barry kelleher says

    how about dino crisis and wrestlemania 21 on orinigal xbox

  15. geek - head188 says

    Xbox has more studios

  16. Big- Texas says

    I don't like the outside of console what I'm going to do with that with a big screen TV.

  17. pigfeet79 says

    I hope it can play NCAA 11 football or NFL 2k5

  18. fatheadchito says

    All I want is UFC Undisputed 3 or EA MMA

  19. johnny Isrel says

    So can we play nfl 2k5?

  20. Death Star says

    So can we play 2k5

  21. Drew Price says

    So its just certain games that are backward compatible you cant just play any old xbox game on it?

  22. BL00D3DxGAMING travis says

    What about old sports games like madden and ncaa football

  23. chris4203 says

    He means ncaa 14 is back

  24. Air Moon says

    My thing is ive had to buy 2 xbox's due to faulty consoles. My xbox one s will not allow me to sign in without crashing which started Sat. morning and an expert tech told me to post the issues in the insider group thats it. I brought a PS4 this year and have had no issues with my console. Now i have to replace my one s due to a update they sent to the preview members that is crashing console upon sign in.

  25. vegas96 says

    I don't believe this for an instant first of all any backwards compatible games has to require servers for the game to work friends since they just put out Splinter Cell chaos theory on the Xbox but you can't play online at all because online require servers, and Money to maintain those servers..

  26. Jabari Harris says

    So a brother can play 2k11?

  27. Cordell Banks says


  28. Yamaze Riley says

    So I can use my HD/DVD player?

  29. mr monster says

    so i can play wrestling revolution 3d on it

  30. SG LIVE says

    Microsoft trying to take back that throne

  31. Craig231990 says

    This talk about compatibility and all games going back to the Original Xbox better be true! Ever Since Microsoft and Xbox shut down the Xbox 360 game library (stuff we bought prior to $$ being spent (Microsoft points) and DLC stuff like for Guitar Hero and NCAA Football need to comeback now! Also, I miss playing the Tony Hawk PS Arcade game that had the old Tony Hawk levels in the game. Sorry for the long rant lol Also, cant wait for some NCAA Football again!

  32. Stw3art14 says

    So can we play the old maddens from the og xbox and 360 on this new console or no?

  33. Bones Jackson says

    Full backwards compatibility is any disc from Og Xbox, 360 or One can be put in Xbox Series X and work. You toyed with my emotions sir.

  34. Kirk-Da Rooster Gordon says

    The Xbox Series X will destroy the PS5 in terms of power and performance just like the Xbox One X destroyed the PS4 PRO R.I.P PS5

  35. Andy Santos says

    So will it be with all og xbox games. Like the older madden's and ESPN nfl 2k5???

  36. Markell Robertson Vlogs says

    oh shit i'm definitely getting dat xbox

  37. Chi-Town Mex says

    Only had a Playstation for MLB the Show, now I only have to buy Xbox. I can't wait to play on the Xbox Series X!

  38. denden3221 says

    Sooooo ncaa football or not

  39. Justin Ganz says

    Does this mean I can use NFL 2k5 and NHL 06 on the console

  40. Yaboiiwill says

    Nice vid

  41. Akil Powe says

    Can y’all please go check out my YouTube channel @TOOREAL4TV

  42. Slick Jones says

    Loyal To My Gang! PLAYSTATION KID SINCE 00!

  43. Glow Network says

    1st like and comment 🙌🏾💯

  44. Darius Cummings says


  45. Serana says

    So I’ll be able to play Def Jam Fight For NY??

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