1. Lee Everett says

    I don't think I played as anyone other than Steve Austin in this game.

  2. turntableterrorist says

    the one game where i could whip Fred Durst's ass. well done smackdown!

  3. Mickey G says

    Damn this was the shit I use to leave it on the screen to hear this the best match was the 8 man survival

  4. jerel says

    I totally remember this, this was one of the first video games I owned when I first got the Playstation 2 for Christmas in late 2001. I miss those fast paced techno beats in these early WWF Smackdown games (yes I know it's WWE but it was WWF at the time when this came out).

  5. AB-PZ-91310 says

    Sooooo many hours spent on Demo version !!! The Demo of this game was given with the PS2.

  6. SolemnDrip says

    Late 90s/early 00s nostalgia sounds just like this..

  7. BRYGUY17 says

    My mom bought me this game around 2001 or 2002 from Toys R us after me & my mom got back from there me & my older older brother started playing this game, man good memories & the Nostalgia 🙂 I wish we can go back

  8. Glori4n says

    Fuck yea! i had this on the first PS2 disk demo, and it was just as amazing as i remembered.

  9. Cgrice23 says

    Why do they ruin new games they use to rome backstage during matches go outside and fight.

  10. WWF 2000 says

    Ahh nostalgia. I remember getting this in 2002-2003 when I was a kid. Good times.

  11. Fritz says

    Does anyone else think of playing this game back in 2002 or 2003? Damn those were some good times. Didn't care if the graphics were bad at all.

  12. cj boneparte says

    I mean soundtrack

  13. cj boneparte says

    These were the great days of wwf/e games expecially when it comes to the spundtrack

  14. Ivan Filigrana says

    My childhood right here. :')

  15. DreMan710 says


  16. ปาร์ค หมาป่าเขี้ยวตัน says


  17. eric hawkins says


  18. JUDE Hvye says

    they already made a attitude era game its just really old

  19. immortal4hm says


    CUTE! n.n

  20. XChildeofMalkavX says

    This smackdown and the next 2 were the best ones.

  21. ZiggyKick92 says

    I might use this as my MUGEN character select theme! 🙂

  22. Skyra says


  23. engagekiller123 says

    @salaa786123 Shows how much you know, WWE '12 is rated T. And so was Just Bring It.

  24. KalvinEllis says

    @salaa786123 WWE 12 is rated T… just like this one.

  25. LateTrain27 says

    This is almost good enough to use in raves.

  26. xSanityxAffairsx says

    @DallasCowboys4ever No it doesn't.

  27. Jay Wild says

    @salaa786123 @salaa786123 This was the only WWE game that had the 8-Man Battle Royal, after this it was reduced to 6-Man Battle Royal, also the Royal Rumble on JBI was class, my friends n' I would have hooked up the old multi-tap and had 4 players on screen and the others were CPU opponents, once the 26 CPU opponents were threw over the rope the 4 of us turned our characters to face each other and were thinkin… "right its us now… whos goin over the rope first?" That was more challenging lol

  28. Killerdreck says

    @salaa786123 , I began to hate today wrestling games when WWE SvR 2010 came out.
    The wrestlers from today are completely boring. ^^

  29. Jay Wild says

    @123nitro I didn't own it then.

  30. Nitro says

    @DJWildy 2001 more like

  31. Carlos Aparicio says

    Ahhh the great feeling of unlocking the cards to get Mick Foley, WrestleMania X7 Arena, Raven….

  32. Jay Wild says

    I remember this game when it came with the Playstation 2 in 2002, it was like WOW! Check out how cool these graphics are!! Lol!

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