Wudang lifestyle


Our master from our wudang institute show you the beauty of wudang and their dailylife

if you want to join us and enjoy our lifestyle, contact us !
Nos maîtres de l’institut de wudang vous font découvrir la beauté de wudang et leur vie quotidienne

Si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre et vivre comme nous, contactez-nous !

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  1. fabien oculi says


  2. Babyboy1 says


  3. satnamo says

    I should live on mountains and practice Shaolin gongfu and Wudang taiji for the next 10000 years.

  4. Manuel A. says

    The cherry tree is blossoming

    The breeze caresses the snow gently

    The flowers cover the hills

    I kick your ass with my Tai Chi

  5. Christian Michaud says

    Magnifique !!!!!

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