1. Sukru Naik says


  2. Parthaastra ParamSatya says


  3. Garima Garima says


  4. Mani Krishna says

    Catch ok mari ball is no ball freehit

  5. Hindi Facts With Meenu says

    You beauti❤️🔥❤️

  6. Bhavin Shah says


  7. TEJA_ 026 says

    Women dief is very difficult I think🤔

  8. Abijith Abijith says

    Women stronger than men we know that all ready

  9. LOKESH j AA DHF says

    Awesome Catch

  10. ATHARV PAHWA says

    What a catch 😮

  11. Akshay Katkari says

    ,nice cach

  12. Prince Kumar says

    Nice catch was that

  13. shaswat sinha says

    outstanding wali catch thi hhai 😵😵😵

  14. gurpreet kaur says


  15. PT Punk says

    The women who said “catch” lol

  16. Indian university says

    Bad batting

  17. Abhishek Roy says

    Chi yaar fulltoss mai out hogyi bhai

  18. Ayush Kumar says

    She can't hit in a full toss 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. appalabhatla SHANMUKH TILAK says


  20. Mashu Official says

    LOVE U 😘😘

  21. mithilesh Pal says

    Bollwer say Hach 😂😂

  22. Sekhar kumar Pradhan says

    Good effort

  23. Daniel Wowk says

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