Wisconsin Doctors Warn Trump Rallies ‘Endanger Public Health’ Ahead Of The President’s Visit


After a week of record-breaking Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in Wisconsin, President Trump visited the state for a rally with thousands of maskless supporters. More than 850,000 Wisconsin voters have already cast their ballots.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Wisconsin Doctors Warn Trump Rallies ‘Endanger Public Health’ Ahead Of The President’s Visit

  1. Jeremiah Jenkins says

    But Biden's wasn't

  2. Seena Phillips says

    And the rioters? And Harris's aides? TRUMP 2020

  3. M J says

    The red hats seem to cause brain damage.

    That or those with diminished capacity prefer red.

    Both can be true.

  4. Christer Ahlner says

    Trump Is a Super-Spreader of Disinformation

  5. val/John Longo’s says

    Fake news

  6. val/John Longo’s says

    Do you really think those masks help

  7. Crow_Poem says

    More fake news

  8. Dom Snow says

    Lol but riots and protests are much safer

  9. joel yazell says

    Not enough distance between you and any Trumpster.

  10. Ken Hunter says

    The silly thing is that leaders are not emphasizing enough that a mask is not protecting the mask user so mush as restricting the spread of the virus for those who don’t know that have it, to the wider population. THAT IS THE POINT.

  11. Cynthia Langley says

    Trump is a superspreader who puts people at risk. He does not remotely fit the profile of anyone who should be anywhere near the office of president of the united states.

  12. DaViiloW805 says

    Fake news

  13. SourDoughBill says

    To the guy in the "Deal with It" shirt, what a maroon! What an ignoranimus!

  14. Endre Fidje says

    These rallies are more like COVID-19 spreading events, going for the herd immunity option. Their glorious leader survived so surely they will survive. Hmmm, "herd immunity" or "herd insanity"?

  15. Daniel Sandoval says

    You stupid sheep didn't care about the large "black lives matter" protests/riots that were not social distanced 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  16. ArcherVB says

    Sorry nbc, you've lost all credibility. Go away.

  17. pat c says

    i wish they said that about blm riots, antifa

  18. Laura Iushewitz says

    How many of these people did Trump campaign bus into the State to make it look like a lot of us Wisconsin people were there at his rally???

  19. Joel Villarreal says

    The media is so predictable. I cant believe people feed into their lies

  20. James says

    Republicans not wearing masks.
    Democrats wearing masks.
    Going to be an interesting experiment.

  21. Darth Nihiluz says

    1400 is actually much lower than I expected for a population of 5.5 million. Of those 1400, how many would likely be dead from other causes within say 3 years? For example, you're a 60 year old male weighing 250lbs with COPD?

  22. Ingrid Arlington says

    *Hey folks*
    Walmart stores and Amazon shipping plants are immune to the virus. They didn't even have to go on lock-down. Just thought I would let you know. It's safe.

  23. 77 7 says

    Go to NY Post check out the emails , texts , dates , times , video and photos it’s all there , the Biden crime family has been exposed

  24. RiotousPalms says

    How is trump rallies getting people sick but riots, looting,burning the city down at OK to do?🤔🤥🤥🤥

  25. ROHIT SHARMA says

    Drumph – presidency over life …….do you have a commen sence😁😁😁😁😁😁

  26. Obliterate Tyranny says

    NBC is Fake News — The U.S. is doing just fine! Reuters
    is reporting that "Global" cases have risen this past week to record levels with EUROPE – NOT the U.S. — as the epicenter! More daily cases are being reported in Europe, alone, than India, Brasil "and" the U.S. COMBINED! NBC, however, would have everyone wrongly believe the opposite and that the U.S. is somehow some kind of epicenter and worse than Europe.

  27. Armon Choudhry says

    Stupids lol

  28. USN Corpsman says

    Piece of garbage commie fake news!!!! Veterans for Trump 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  29. Mack Bolin says

    What a Crock of 💩! You Morons on the left still trying anything to discredit the President just goes to show how desperate you are on your actions. Thats why come Nov' no matter how hard you try its not going to work! The American Public can now see thru all your BS and in a nutshell your All going to Lose…you already lost it! TRUMP2020 AND BEYOND!😂🇺🇸✊👍💓🇺🇸👍

  30. Danny Ruiz says

    These people are the reason you should wear a mask.
    I don't care if they are not wearing masks, I ignore them.
    It's their choice.
    I'm somewhat protected because I wear mask…
    Let those who choose to ignore science not wear a mask.
    I don't care about politics on his issue.
    Personally, I do everything I can to not get infected.
    It's a simple process…I wear a mask.

  31. Joseph King says

    If they carry blm signs they'll be immune

  32. ybor20 says

    the more Trump rallies the less Trump voters….it works

  33. Ingrid Arlington says

    Have they talked about Bidens bribe to Ukraine yet? Or the emails and photos in Hunters laptop smoking crack. And an email of Thanking Hunter for introducing him, to the former Vice President Biden?

  34. ShadowBannedTruth says

    Is the media ever going to point out the Fact that Biden's campaign slogan is plagerism of Boris Johnson's campaign slogan?
    I mean Biden does have a long sorted history of plagerism.

  35. KAH Z says

    Everybody who has ever had the flu tests positive for Corona!

  36. Joe Mama says

    Bring it home to the family people.

  37. Bobby Robertson says

    Cant wait to see the story about the Women's Marches doing the same.

  38. strayblackcatsmeow says

    Yes, Biden was able to stay isolated because a black woman stocked his shelves with food, his own words. Republicans don't have slaves and stock thier own shelves. Deal with it. P.S. your governer needs a diaper change.

  39. Viking says

    I dont wear a mask. 👍🇺🇸

  40. The Web Gear says

    Come on NBC, this is not news…..look at EU and AUS right now….spike in covid cases but way fewer deaths. Nice to see you can show one side of the narrative and make it political. These are Americans going to support a candidate it is called freedom and they have control of the moral obligations. Without hard evidence, you pander to the tabloid crowd. This is not news and it should be illegal to call it that.

  41. KAH Z says

    There NOT Rallies they're riots so it's OK.

  42. Linda Jacobs says


  43. Amy The 4 says


  44. Andrew W says

    1:29 that’s not crowd surfing that’s called fishing for covid

  45. Ingrid Arlington says

    Biden and Harris Administration have tested POSITIVE for Covid. Have they talked about that yet? Humm.

  46. James Hall says

    I guess you could say that trumps popularity is infectious.

  47. Mr. Miyagi says

    Whatever's. Silent when it comes to protests. That gave diaper is useless

  48. Emma Peel says

    I thought I just heard on the news that WI just opened up their bars and restaurants. Everything changes from one day to the next. Make up your minds!! Open..close…open…close….OPEN!

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