Wimbledon 2020 has CANCELLED due to Coronavirus || Tennis News


Wimbledon 2020 for both the ATP and WTA has cancelled due to the Coronavirus. We talk about what this means for the legacies of those players trying to achieve GOAT status.


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  1. Robert Todd says

    Breaking news, we are cancelling the news, Good night

  2. Angejo ‘ says


  3. Larvancio Ramos says

    Now what fedTARDS???

  4. chargingbolt9 says

    grand slam tennis is back at the US Open

  5. Muhammad Owais Ali says

    It was expected, so sad

  6. Sherry Taylor says

    Cam thanks for the update. Stay safe.

  7. Milan Višković says

    Number of GS's win DOESN'T really determine who Is the greatest …. A lot of factors come in to play ….Especially of ITS 23 VS 22 VS 21 ..

  8. tectorama says

    Never any doubt it would go ahead……No sport is that important.

  9. C J says

    Tennis is life. That is all.

  10. armon jordan says

    Thanks for the update!!

  11. MateoTennis says

    This is going to be the worst year of my and your life… 😂😩

  12. MateoTennis says

    It was immediately known that there would be none of this year.

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