Will COVID-19 END Pro. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? – SGK Discussions – Podcast


When the COVID-19 virus hit around the world back in March, it was immediate that the world has fallen under a Pandemic causing businesses such as esports, to shut down tournament tours, playoffs and more. Since Smash tournaments offline have been put on hold, the Online scene has been made prominent to keep our community going. As time has gone on, more and more players have chosen to retire, and stay away from the game entirely due to the Online feel of Smash Ultimate.
When… and IF the Pandemic will be handled… will Smash Ultimate Offline Majors ever return?

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  1. Perfect FinalChaos says

    This video made me think of some things I never thought of. I'm as worried as you are. I always wanted to go to a major someday, but not sure they'll be available after this pandemic ends, hopefully. I just wish people can follow instructions and wear a mask, it's not that hard and people make a big deal about it. And they wonder how they got COVID, lol. Regardless, I sure hope this pandemic can be overcome soon, not just for the Smash community, but for the people around the world. Plus, I want to start going to school offline, see my friends again, besides just hearing them on VC. Hope everyone is going well, stay safe and thank you for this informative video, Kels!

  2. Ahmad Kazan says

    And I kinda agree,while many people like patch 8.0.0,not much of the patch encouraged cloud to stop using up B,non of it encouraged sonic to stop using spindash.

  3. Ahmad Kazan says

    I think ultimate is too big to die at this point.

  4. B00baa says

    In regards to smash ultimate's future, it lies with how people give a shit about the pandemic and others safety, which clearly most of the world does not give a shit. That being said, I think the online community will thrive, but the offline will move on. There is no interaction, meeting new players, laughter with friends or the memories of being on a stage with a big audience. All of that is gone, my position as a leader for my Smash Club is very limiting and only revolves online basics which sucks. I love cheering for people, talking and putting a show when I play but the game effects me on a level where my mentality is simply using this source as a player adaptation exercise rather than holding value on loses and wins. It truly sucks to not see people play, it sucks not giving hugs to friends, it sucks not seeing anyone or on very limited grounds. I've been in quarantine for 9 months after graduating and it mentality isn't worth playing online with the amount of additional crap nintendo's netcode has and slap a cash prize on it, it truly feels like your fighting the game rather than the opponent many times, ticrates also get worse when on stream sets due to 3 players reducing it to 30 ticrate, rather than 60 ticrate. So the game itself is inconsistent online and far more reason many already know and why play a neglected poorly made online system when you can play literally any game with better online, opportunities and of course developers caring for their competitive community. The patches suck and don't change anything in the meta besides shotos, pichu and olimar, The scandals make Nintendo's image and Smash Ultimate's image very poorly looked upon and add the fact that many of it's player base hates playing in this "meta" where youy literally can't react and moves become way better and change up a ton on how you play. Unless actual and assertive decisions are done by Nintendo and namco, I will never believe this game survives. This is just of course my perspective

  5. Cylo Merge says

    Coronavirus will end don't worry

  6. Alex Chen says

    I made plans to go to EVO with my best friend next year, but we’re well aware that there’s a high likelihood that EVO may not go back to being held physically by next year due to the pandemic and also the recent disaster of the firing of their former CEO. If it’s not held physically next year, then we’d have to wait until 2022 or later.

    I mainly want to go EVO not to compete but just to have fun, meet new people, and spend time there with my best friend. It’s an event I really want to experience and I’m hoping COVID doesn’t prevent that from happening.

  7. JMX says

    Honestly if people want smash to come back strong we need to start promoting foreign tournaments where covid is not an issue (or it's at least safe to run big events) or maybe have an invitational where a select few of the best players in the states are invited to a "bubble" (like the NBA is doing right now) to compete, maybe as a charity event as well so that we focus less on the competitive nature of the event and more on promoting the game and keeping it going.

    We can't let the game die out of something we can't control, I doubt it will but still.

  8. Sanic says

    Loved the video Kels, as it was super informative & really does allow us to question what’s next, not just for the Smash scene, but for the world too, when it comes to how we deal with & move forward with Covid-19, when it comes to reopening institutions like schools & shops, but also tourneys whether esports, athletic sports like football ext.

    My personal thoughts on the current matter, are simply that offline tourneys aren’t likely to return, until at the earliest, early 2022.

    Vaccinations typically take years to develop & looking back at past pandemics really reinforces this view. Our best bets rn are that social distancing really does impact the spread of Covid-19, to where most obtain “herd-immunity” to where we obtain the virus, but are completely immune to its affects & that successful antibodies are developed soon after, which assist those without protection, seeing as Covid-19 is never not going to disappear.
    Even vacations never 100% destroy viruses, so even if we actually have the virus, as long as that immunity exists, we’re basically in the clear, but time is of the essence & simply put, that time is likely to be far too long.

    Looking back at the current attitudes of those in the America’s, Europe ext., it’s likely that quarantine/ lockdown isn’t going to last for too long (especially scary for America, which is undergoing a 2nd wave) due to many locations restarting schools, cinemas & restaurants reopening ext., but the attitudes of those performing social distancing, not going outside ext., are likely to be changed to where apathy towards this behaviour of staying inside to protect others may no longer exist as much. I say this as someone who lives in the U.K., in which when our nationwide lockdown started back in March 23rd, everyone possessed the consensus that staying inside will save lives, but after being stuck with little to do, for months, many aren’t going to be as open to staying inside any longer.
    Factors like job retention, physical health, mental stability ext. are all other external factors affecting this, as I can say for certain that being inside for the past 6 months, I’ve honestly enjoyed some of the best & endured some of the worst moments in my life & tbh, mentally I genuinely feel lost in life. It’s like, if a 2nd wave for more locations, worldwide, actually takes place, are many going to adhere to government legislation or not? We can’t deny that many are sick of this “isolation” & that compliance & a positive consensus won’t necessarily be achieved, if this situation continues, hence why governments are being somewhat pushed to reopen institutions, thanks to party lobbyists & advisors.

    Not just general attitudes, but time in which the scene can survive also come into question. As you previously mentioned, players are quitting due to lack of interest, which is of no thanks to the terrible Smash Online quality, the poor meta game & how oppressive certain fighters are, we truly possess a stagnating meta, which really does contrast with offline tourneys, to where any fighter could legit make Top 8, even with MKLeo & Joker dominating, but this doesn’t exist, no where near to the sane extent online. In fact, many players are simply burnt out from Ultimate, so why continue?

    Also can TO’s & their respective businesses survive? This is entirely dependent on exclusive government assistance, which is exclusive to every country, but lowkey some tourneys like CEO, where at 1 point, somewhat likely to becoming bankrupt, so can offline majors & super majors truly continue to exist is something that only time will tell, but as I stated before, time is off the essence & well, perhaps the quicker this pandemic is truly halted, could perhaps lead to increased probability of Smash Ultimate’s competitive scene recuperating itself, with players finally playing offline smash again & remember what it is, that made them fall in love with the series, in the 1st place.

    Just like the Sonic series, the Smash Ultimate Competitive Scene has entered a state of quandary & well, it’s up to governments, medical groups & the people to all work together to do our jobs in assisting to ensure that this virus can hopefully be completely dealt with, sooner rather than later.

    Sorry for the abnormally large essay answer. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a little passionate about my thoughts on the pandemic, in relation to also say, Smash Ultimate’s Competitive Scenes.😅😅
    Loved your videos, hope your doing great, especially in these tough times & don’t give up, not just when getting through quarantine, but also in content creation & as a Sonic / Kirby player, because tbh, your doing great & have honestly improved imo, ever since quarantine started, so try to keep moving forward yeah.😁😁

  9. JJ Tails says

    14:53 "WEAR A FUCKING MASK" it's not that hard people

  10. Joseph Whitaker says

    To be honest kels I would say we all should be save from covid 19 everywhere also alot of people need to wash their hands don't touch your face and keep away from others who are sick also I would say smash ultimate communicates isn't dying alot of people should listen in 2020 a lot of stuff crazy happening and I will always be supporting you kels.

  11. OctoninjaDX says

    COVID has definitely wiped out the smash scene, even if offline comes back it will be rebuilt no matter how long it takes, I know at some point after we get a vaccines or cures for COVID we can rebuild everything and it’ll all go back to normal (I hope)

  12. RolandoDR98 says

    But smash isn't even 2 years old yet, this is just the 2nd year of ultimate

  13. Rogério says

    No, but sexual abuse amongst its players will.

  14. FreedomFighter7 says

    It’s not just Covid-19 we need to worry about but the age difference from different players needs to be address as well in order to make the competitive scene safe for everyone.

  15. x2 Buller says

    This virus has affected me mentally. But really I'm trying to stay strong! I hope everyone is being safe! Glad to see your videos Kels during this unpredictable times! Seeing your videos really help me mentally! And seriously huge shout out to my girl who both of us are doing better mentally.

  16. GrandStarLuigi says

    To be honest I don’t think there’s going to be an end to this virus

  17. LPCrossOver says

    It’s come to my thoughts that COVID 19 will be here to stay for more than 5 years with the 2020 World Tour being nonexistent. With that in my mind, Smash Bros. Ultimate will never be left alone until the next smash game. This is not Smash 4 popularity. Not even Brawl can handle these units.

  18. Gold LKirb says

    I hope not. I’ve never been to a smash local ever and I was hoping I could go to one after this pandemic blows over.

  19. Thala 47 says

    I do miss going to locals but I am scared for the smash community in the future.

  20. Star Wolf says

    Pretty sure child rapists already did that….

  21. Gabe Nwagbala says

    Why did you make it covid doesn't end until 2021.

  22. Gabe Nwagbala says

    Kel's not bad!

  23. KidEDarus says

    Its a hard subject to talk about. I honestly just go to majors/offline tourneys if friends that I know go. I am not that much invested into the competitive scene but I do love watching it on streams. Yes I am full aware that most people are selfish and won't even practice basic hygiene. Seriously guys, AXE body spray doesn't cover up the stank! As for the competitive online scene, while I understand the frustration that its 2020 and we should have perfect online gaming by this day and age where technology keeps advancing; it just keeps driving a lot of people away seeing complainant after complainant about online being this bad. Honestly Nintendo really needs to step up their game in the online world, while I do love the switch and all its game they have to offer; they need to perfect their online experience where we need it the most in today's world.

  24. Marko BMetal Bojkovic says

    I'm scared for Ultimate's future too. COVID is probably here to stay. If that's the case and they want to re-open, there will need to be some major changes. Nintendo needs to seriously fix this because online is the way to go.

  25. Jaden Romano says

    I don’t think Ultimate will die, I mean melee is still alive, game isn’t perfect but the community still likes it. But I don’t expect majors to be back till 2022. Locals can try to open now, but many precautions need to be in place, which is something I don’t believe majors will do. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first major causes another COVID spike due to someone’s negligence. Alongside COVID with recent allegations in the community a lot of people have been put off by the game so I believe many players will not return (nor do I blame them). I personally don’t plan on leaving but we have no definitive answers and I assume many people have other things they would want to our attention too. Examples being new jobs, families, new games, etc. Also with how stubborn people are with wearing masks will cause issues and it’s honestly infuriating. Overall it’s a heavy blow but not the end of the world for Ultimate, majors shouldn’t start till 2022, and hopefully people just wear masks.

  26. Luis Lorenzo says


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