Why React Native, Building Awesome News App


Build a simple yet educative news application using React Native and the Newsapi.org api.

In this video we cover the basics of react native, how to setup react native, how to write first react native component and more.

Git Clone the Github repo and start creating your awesome RNNewsApp.


  1. Betico Hernandez says

    If it meets those characteristics.
    Thank you.

  2. Betico Hernandez says

    Thanks, working with React native slows down the pc?
    An app like for homes would be done with React native or otherwise.

  3. Betico Hernandez says

    Hello, how do you see the emulator? I connect the cell phone to the PC and it is not displayed or do I install one and neither?

  4. Mahmoud Mahmad says

    can i create it using expo ? i go to open source and use it with expo and not working have some problems

  5. Omais Ahmed Khan says

    I run your project on android emulator and this shows (The development server returned response error code:500 )
    What is the solution of this error??

  6. Kenneth Okereke says

    at 1:17:25 was fine until you skipped everything on 1:17:26

  7. Richard Brooks says

    hello ,,, is it possible to insert the news on my own ?
    i create my database and insert

  8. Emin Qasimov says

    Keep doing such things. Thanks

  9. Awa Melvine says

    Thanks for the tutorial friend. I suggest you work on your speed. Too slow even at x2

  10. Introin patel says

    Thank you brother for all efforts and definitely a kick starter for many including me

  11. Learn on hard way says

    What are you doing? You copy the text and delete it, and then rewrite it by yourself? What??

  12. vikas magar says

    Nice work. But where is the second part ?

  13. Andres Garcia says

    Nice work !!
    If having the API within the Code is NOT a good thing, how to do with React Native?
    In Android, we put it into a Proguard file that gets linked to Grade and gets obfuscated.
    But no idea about React Native….

  14. Radvil Ardian says

    Stop your music next la, that's not good for this kinda tutorial

  15. Nobody says

    Thank you

  16. ji meista says

    shut down the background music please next time, it makes difficult to watch when speeding up the video

  17. Shantanu Sharma says

    can u please make a video on configuring android studio for running emulator 🙂

  18. jindam pavan says

    Thanks a lot nice work!….

  19. Yassine Msiah says

    Thank You Sooo Much

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