Why Racing Pigeons Are So Expensive | So Expensive


Racing pigeons aren’t the typical bird you’ll find on the city streets. These pedigree birds can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. In March 2019, Armando the racing pigeon sold to a bidder in China for over $1.3 million. So what is it that makes racing pigeons so expensive?

Special thanks to the Royal Pigeon Racing Association

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Why Racing Pigeons Are So Expensive | So Expensive

  1. pk pigeons club says


  2. topopops says

    Trafalgar Square here I come!

  3. Usman Affan says

    I’ll get you 50 racing pigeons for free they are wild birds in Karachi for free

  4. White Pearl Loft Of Florida says


  5. soulcrusher0357 says

    I'm clueless about this topic, however I'm interested in how this works. When the bird is released how does it know the course of the race? Also how in the heck does it go so far away and find its way back so easily?

  6. HelloItsLouLou says

    I love pigeons

  7. AGT JAYA says

    This pos resing pigeons


    Racing pigeons are one of the exciting sport here in the philippines

  9. Love All hate none says

    Check some Afghan birds

  10. Ban Hatless Ducks says

    This is beautiful

  11. Allwin J says

    In India homing pigeon are 4000 to 100000000 rs available

  12. Xiong Guy's Loft says


  13. Badar Sayeed says

    I have pegion if thy flay morning 8oclock thy come back evening 7 8 clock and 6 clock

  14. Siddhartha dey says

    We have still 4 from the 40 years generation my father used to keep it's 4 but it's first quality homer pegion…

  15. Birds420 Animal says

    Good pigeon

  16. Devera HomePigeon Loft TV says

    Nice vedio and content hope that we can be friends in Youtube godbless and thank you so much

  17. Lucas Arkin Gamefowl says

    Wow! Very Expensive bird. Amanda!

  18. Joshua Fujiwara says

    Catch me at Central Park with a net and bird seed


    Plz come in India I have many pigeons of flyer 12 hrs high flyer pigeons


    Love from INDIA

  21. Rudolph Furtado says

    In the time of "CORONAVIRUS WORLD WAR – 3" in 2020 when your own life is at the hands of a invisible pandemic it's cinema and documentaries that breaks all barriers and provides solace and entertainment in the confines of a house.As a lifelong sports enthusiast and a silver jubilee pathological gambler on horse racing decided to understand the sport of pigeon racing.Picked the right documentary and found this video extremely educating to a novice from Mumbai in India where pigeon racing does exist in a few city's. Surprised to know that China is the country that now monopolizes "Pigeon Racing" purchasing the costliest racing "Armando " for 1.4 million U.S dollars. Thought only race horse cost that amount of money. Surprised that the Royal Family of England is also actively involved in "Pigeon Racing" as i was under the impression they only raced horses. One of my favourite boxer's Mike.Tyson is a pigeon fancier and If "PIGEON RACING" existed in Mumbai i would definitely have been a active player in this bird sport. Ahoy !

  22. TheHua89 says

    A million dollars for a PIGEON!?!?!God, rich people are stupid

  23. Afghan Loft says

    Amazing video! Is anyone new to YouTube? If so, please subscribe to my channel and I'll do the same. 🙏

  24. davidhunternyc says

    I still don't understand what makes a racing pigeon different from the one on my fire escape? Also, why is one racing pigeon more valuable than another racing pigeon? I'm confused.

  25. J-Dog776 says

    Imagine the look on that guy’s face when his 1.4 million dollar pigeon inevitably struck an eighteen wheeler.

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