Whit3 Iverson Shuts Down Private Runs! 5v5 Basketball!


Pulled up to a gym in California and took over the whole gym! Some good 5v5 basketball went down!


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  1. Whit3 Iverson says

    New Merch Coming Soon! Road To 100k!

  2. Mathew Ball says

    J.J. Barea with the strap

  3. TheSinnerman says


  4. YN Fazo says

    ty went crazy man is nice
    whit3 iverson you and your freind good too

  5. Gabriel Ray says

    At first I thought tall dude was Kelly Oubre

  6. Lovre says

    Man, how's your hip mobility so good. U get really low when ur on defense or when dribbling. Do you have some stretches that will help improve my mobility?? Pls reply
    Great works btw!🤙🏽💯

  7. ggstar44 says

    How you gonna leave out that you played worm from coach Carter?

  8. Junyu Zhang says

    The disrespect on the real inversion is real nowadays anyone who thinks they can cross someone over is called something iversion but iversion was 1 million times better than any of the ppl that copied his name especially this guy. Not even d1 and gets exposed by anyone taller and call guard like Devon in the lab and esp by jlaw

  9. L P says

    That hoodie cold af

  10. ShifT Myst says

    Ayo u need to recruit that bouncy boi in those pink pants to your go to roster

  11. Marc Felton says

    When does the BBC merch drop?

  12. Alexandro cvbgt says

    Ty glover looking like a beast

  13. Mike Zamarripa says

    Fire content bro

  14. Vells says

    Am i the only person that portions of his videos just be muted for?

  15. carlos salcedo says

    Is the audio messed up ?

  16. Dennis R says

    Dope video🔥 Love from Switzerland

  17. Awe Dee.0 says

    13:46 aint no travel though…

  18. Oskars Grīvāns says

    Great interesting channel !!! You're amazing creator 💥💪

  19. Lovenson Pierre says

    Teach me how to shoot

  20. Christian Mora says

    there is ALWAYS something wrong with the audio …C'mon dawwggg

  21. Rise&Shine Ballislife says

    Omfg he is too shifty

  22. Sincere Love says

    Anyone else audio cut out?

  23. Demetrice Payne says

    where is the high tops when these fellows need them protect the ankles!

  24. Arttajin Kaewphirom says

    Where can I buy that pants?

  25. PD3Music says

    unless the edit was different I had y'all up the game y'all lost. like 19-13. weird hmmm….

  26. Greedy Tay says
  27. moonshyne the. bombarder says

    U can hoop no doubt. Bro how u call yourself whit3 Ai. And u hoop in some kick not even better look wise style wise comfort wise. Now ask yourself this question why u don’t wear questions. Whit3 iverson

  28. MetalHeadZ says

    Bad choice in shoes. Cmon now

  29. MetalHeadZ says

    Covid says no

  30. Uchenna Charles says

    They playing 2 vs 5 tf. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 guard someone

  31. Marshall Perry says

    I see you hoopin Whit3 Iverson, let me know if you come to Hampton, Va. Got some really good hoopin for you. But I see you killing and deserves a lot more subscrib

  32. Zai So Goofy says

    i want to see ty in future vids.

  33. Joe Pelak says

    those hoodies nice

  34. DShaun Barrett says

    These are some good ass runs 💯 enjoy watching you play bro! Keep goin 🏁

  35. P P says

    Your partner in crime the dude with them bright colored shoes reminds me of danny green lol shoots the 3 well and plays great defense, steals and all that shit ✊🏻

  36. Devon Mcglaughlin says

    Whoever edits your videos are ass lol i can never hear the 1st 10 mins

  37. One Truth says

    Lets play 1v1 . Best out of 3 . Put me in ur vid so i can show ur fans that ur all hype.

  38. Camron Rodriguez says

    Yooo you should get mic’d up when you play that’d be lit

  39. Uni dwip says

    Bet i can guard you

  40. Stay Woke says

    Damn Worm 😂

  41. Imanol La Flame says

    Like if he should go up against TJass🔥🔥

  42. Chris McCutcheon says

    Need that hoodie

  43. M.A.DGrand1000 says

    Title whack cuhh

  44. M.A.DGrand1000 says

    Bro u not cold cuhh

  45. Silenciobob says

    I wouldn’t pay for Dev vs Friga but if WI is playing on the undercard I’ll pay to watch that

  46. Spiritual Shawn says

    Remember guys Jesus is lord repent from your sins and create a relationship with god before it’s too late.

  47. Tahj Jones says

    The drip is crazy 😭, did he pulled out the leg sleeve😭💯

  48. Bobby Brown says

    Come to the bay and hoop 💯

  49. Adrian Wilbert says

    Worm aint looking like the Worm i know lmao! Young SIrs!!!

  50. GodlyDazey 32 says

    My doode! Keep killin it!

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