Where Is The PSO2 Videos? I Catch Covid-19


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Where Is The PSO2 Videos? I Catch Covid 19

Got some bad news. I have catch Covid-19 and so that why there have not been any new pso2 videos for a few days but with PSO2 Phantom AND Etoile Revealed for Episode 6 PSO2 on Global Servers I had to fight the power and get up so I can let you all know what going on.

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There is phantasy star online 2 gameplay in this video by Maconn.

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  1. Maconn says

    I try my best to get ep6 videos up but time will tell. Follow me over on twitter.com/troymaconn for updates.

  2. Vice236 says

    Kind of new to the channel and I love your content bro. But, get well soon.

  3. UPS_with_WINGS says

    Get well soon for you and ya gf! You are my favorite go-to for everything PSO2!

  4. Grim says

    Выздоравливай братишка!

  5. Simba0240 says

    Hope you get better soon man take your time and heal up stay safe

  6. pixel slappa says

    Get well soon

  7. Regolant says

    PSO2 Can wait!

    Stay safe man, and I seriously hope you two get better!

  8. Geovane Gustavo says

    At least you will be better in time for ep6!

  9. Pretty boy Tay says

    Just get well will always be here to support you .

  10. Bebop Gaming says

    Best wishes to you and bubbles! ❤️

  11. KonuchiA says

    My step-brother just brought his covid19 infected daughter over to visit. Not looking forward to the next few weeks. I hope you and your girlfriend get well soon.

  12. Slayer Pivoter says

    Get Well Soon dude… better get some more rest

  13. jssvirgo says

    Get well dude. Prayers for you

  14. Anamana! says

    Stay well, man. Don't push yourself too hard. Health is most important! ❤

  15. Shiryuu Luciel says

    Hope you get better soon! Take care of yourself, maconn. Never give up! We will always wait for you!

  16. Shumi says

    I'll pray for you bro

  17. Ichijo says

    Get well soon friend!

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