1. Maxi Pisa says


  2. j m says

    i've got Brand lvl 7 with brand support ,rly good choice to Main Brand xD👍👌

  3. uvuvwevwevwe ossas says

    Why didn't u mute that ezreal
    if i was listening to that bs i'd insta mute lol
    i got tilted from just watching him

  4. Aurelion Sol says

    Build pls 😀

  5. Georgi Aleksiev says

    long time waiting for this, great game. Thanks

  6. Nikolay Stoyanov says

    I think Banshee's Veil is now mage item and I might be better for Brand than Abyssal Scepter.

  7. Filip Jelic says

    Brand supp is really good in early game 😀

  8. Alonso de Hojeda says

    Wtf are these voices? You got a voice pack on? Also you said that your software only records the game..which software are you using? (perhaps I already asked that some time ago but I don't remember)

    Edit: When Ez said he wanted solo gold for the turret he probably meant you should get out of range.

    Edit 2: Ezreal is merely pointing out how retarded Renekton is. After the first death he should have just done what he was told to do. Ez is frustrated for a reason…and I hate Ezreal players keep that in mind 😀

    Edit 3: Abyssal no longer gives you AP so it was a shitty buy. Now you should buy Banshee's. MR, spellshield and 70 ap…read the patch notes mate! 🙂

  9. what no??? says

    "You've got Brand on your team, you have all flame you need" I love it 😀 Great video

  10. MIGAN в YouTube says

    и я мейнил бренда

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