What is a whole foods diet


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The whole foods diet that my husband and I outline in our books (including our Gold Coast Cure and Whole Foods Diet Cookbook) is a balanced, nutrient-rich and anti-inflammatory diet based on natural and unrefined real foods including:

•Unrefined carbohydrates in their most natural and unprocessed form including antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, potatoes, corn, beans, whole grains (including whole grain and sprouted breads and pasta)
•Healthful clean proteins low in saturated fat including fish, free-range organic eggs (especially omega-3 rich eggs), grass-fed and organic dairy, lean cuts of grass-fed meat, etc.
•Anti-inflammatory fats including flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, raw nuts and seeds, all-natural nut butters, etc.

The only natural food that we tell people to limit their intake of is saturated fat (found in butter, beef, and full-fat dairy). All-natural foods containing saturated fat also contain nutrients, so we dont want people to eliminate these foods, but rather use them in moderation.

  1. TheaDragonSpirit says

    Meats are not part of a whole food diet.

  2. Sharon Walton says

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  3. Manal Majed says

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  4. anna crowe says

    Very concise explanation. Soy No Go! But definitely a good presentation overall

  5. Tony Williams says

    excellent information. thanks

  6. Rayca47 says

    Why would apples be preferred over (homemade) applesauce, yet nut butters are OK with you? It would seem that nuts are the whole food, nut butters not so much. You mentioned bread as a whole food but no mention of rice, which is also gluten-free. You may have just not mentioned it but intended it as a whole food. Just curious about actual whole foods. That's why I'm here.

  7. Matthew Frasca says

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  8. livindalife08 says

    Great video, thanks for getting straight to the point and not telling a fifteen minute story.

  9. MilkCap says

    There's nothing clean about tofu, it's an overprocessed food filler.

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