What is a computer?


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How many computers surround you right now?

While the obvious answer to the question “What is a computer?” would be a desktop or laptop it’s more complicated than that. An enormous number of devices we use in every day life such as our phones are amazingly complicated.


  1. Ayo Martins says

    I like Austin 😊

  2. AdwikTRM says

    this should be in THIS IS episode

  3. ### trek in trek ### says


  4. Sachin Kumar says

    What is computer

  5. Boni legaspi says

    thanks mister!

  6. silverhelmet61 says

    What is an Austin?

  7. Snekky says

    wat a compoter

  8. boomer says

    Apple take note

  9. MediaClop says

    apple needs to take a minute and watch this.

  10. Nick Miller says

    What's a computer? Apple wtf

  11. Karl says

    If you are watching today, I'm pretty sure you thought this was from the iPad Pro ad.

  12. Maxichips says

    Watcha doing on your computer?WHAT'S A COMPUTER?

  13. sky says

    Where is it u wanna go?

  14. Jaylise says

    I sent this video to the Apple commercial girl 🙂 np

  15. Sarmad Saad115 says


  16. j kane says

    in my house the average computer per room is a HUGE 13

  17. The Red Zone says

    In 70 years most of us will be dead. Especially you.

  18. Mr Snikles says

    At the end when he said 1940 you needed a big house to use a computer and said imagine what would happen in 50 years now that made me got a chill

  19. CGNgamer says

    something that is more powerful than some if not all of the moon missions WHAT? thats insane

  20. Zenerax says

    Is a radio technically a computer since it turns radio signals into sounds voices and music? what about a car?

  21. KALD3S says


  22. Bakker Bart says

    those minecraft plushies…

  23. Neema Msemo says

    this is great

  24. rfs94 says

    what even IS a compuder?

  25. Dhruv Kumar says

    37 computers in my room. cant name them but most of them are my old phones, digital clock, a wrist band, a digital wrist watch, apple watch, ipod touch, ipod nano, printer, gaming keyboard(has a display so probably packs a computer), calculator, gaming pc, gaming laptop, old work laptop, windows tablet, old computer, TV, blueray player, router, WiFi dongle, usb dongle, Sony digital photo frame, mac pro.

  26. Dhruv Kumar says

    the lag was real tho XD

  27. The Crouton Cave says

    Some people started laughing at me when I said that an iPad was technically a computer.

  28. XBOYS says

    First in 3 weeks

  29. TSCF Films says

    Digital cameras are powerful computers as well

  30. Bale Ponzing says

    wow that is a very nice generation time it make things easier for us

  31. Tux says

    Dude something the size of a house can now fit a lot of times on a small watch.

  32. Bradval411 says

    dangit i dont know how to save im that dumb

  33. ima book says

    2:58 the nearest computer to me is my fish tank!

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