1. Samir Ibrahim says

    I am fine.

  2. Dominic Winters says


  3. Dominic Winters says


  4. xxxWarriorGoddessxxx says

    Val Warner isn't with WGN anymore, she's hosting some morning show with Ryan Chaverini (sp) on WLS in Oprah's old time slot.

  5. rexxdexx says

    I know in Canada they show
    The Chicago feed on cable
    and satellite

  6. bhratbrat says

    and WGN Morning News I think shows content that violates SyndEx rules.

  7. growingup15 says

    ok i understand but it is called WGN AMERICA NOW. thanks:)

  8. growingup15 says

    i can never catch the morning news here in columbia,sc i dont know why? i can catch the noon and 9o'clock news. easy.

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