1. Chenna says

    1:43 look at the score card it's Phillipe Hughes😭😭

  2. Abhishek Singh says

    Gunguru tut gye😂

  3. Ammy Sharma says

    Last one was epic

  4. Rahul Saxena says

    India went to Australia and won the series. Pakistan went to Australia and came with back to back innings defeat. Where are those people who react to every shortcoming of Pakistan with the question, "What about India". I want to ask those people now. What about Pakistan? Now they will reply "But But", "But T20", "But India" "But ODI record" "But 2017 Champions Trophy". What a joke. The current Indian team is better than the current Pakistan team. That is a fact. And Facts don't care about your feelings.

  5. The music 23 says

    3.38 athe ponna pathaka love thana thonatha 🎊💓😍

  6. Shalv Srivastava says

    5:19 legend

  7. Gudipudi Abhinav says

    1:11 David Warner didn't know where the ball is? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Shabarivasan Baskaran says

    2:44 it is a no ball

  9. Cricket News says


  10. Swati Mohapatra says

    BCCI is the most greedy cricket board in the world. They don't even allow you to post smallest of things by anyone else and go go for copyright strike. BCCI should promote these kind of things. Sports is all about enjoyment.

  11. Sandip Chakraborty says

    3:58 when you know Mom has kept a party for dinner😂🤣🤣

  12. Lakshmi Nishad says


  13. straight a says

    I felt THAT pain in the end. It's really one of a kind. Reminds me of school cricket team days.

  14. Dypsy says

    2:44 Who else got scared?

  15. Legend Gaming says


  16. chaitanya seemanapalli says

    @3:35, 😂

  17. S H A H R i A R • says

    Wow -((🔥🇧🇩

  18. MH CooL says

    Aleem dar is that best

  19. TejaReddy 333 says


  20. Jasreen Kaur says


  21. BAADSHAH'S XI says

    What was weird or wacky in women getting hattrick? I didn't get that one

  22. BIPPLE says

    You can feel at the end when he goes oooohh nooooo

  23. MAVI GAMING says

    3:15 thats probably the biggest troll in cricket history

  24. MAVI GAMING says

    Allowing women to play cricket is like allowing them to drive a car

  25. Muhammed Naeem says

    5:15 : when Sarfraz gets sacked as captain

  26. Somnath Ghosh says

    I Really Enjoyed this One.. 😂🙏🙏🙏

  27. Mohanraj B says

    5:07 😭 even with gaurd that pain is inevitable.

  28. Mughal Rehan says

    Last is very funniest

  29. Delete Bilderberg says

    Women’s cricket is a high standard.Women’s soccer is the exact opposite.

  30. neeraj kumar choudhary says

    Best social media team award goes to

  31. Afroja Niru says

    The music made it more funny😂

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