We Get Our First Superstar Breakout Scenario! Madden 21 Washington Football Team Franchise Ep.9


We’re back on our Madden 21 Washington Football Team Franchise and today we’re facing off against The New York Giants! We make a trade right before the deadline and get a breakout player scenario on top of it!

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  1. Jeromepkr says

    Live on https://www.twitch.tv/jeromepkr at 9:30 pm cst with some things

  2. Alejandro Alonso says

    Only franchise I like from madden in terms of building a team is madden 19 bc accessibility is so easy don’t have to click so much stuff and the trade logic is so much better for 3 1st round picks I’ll actually be able to get a star player not like madden 20 or 21 accessibility sucks and trade logic is horrible 1st round picks barely do anything for star player trades

  3. heather hultgren says

    You should trade for Jalen hurts

  4. Joe mamma says

    just wanna put it out there maybe the reason terry is under performing is cause u send him on a streak 70% of the time and the other 30% is a run play. so

  5. Pill Dickle says

    Want ideas? I’m still going for that all hit power defensive team.

  6. Maliyah Jackson says

    What happened we streamed this like 3 days ago

  7. Dank says

    Do an online franchise where you simulate a fantasy draft and you look through the teams and pick 1Just a new idea I thought of since the game gets repetitive

  8. Aaron Litvinov says

    You probably need a corner or MLB

  9. LiamThiccc says

    I’m watching this during zoom thank you for saving me

  10. Connor Reagan says

    Ok maybe not for this franchise, but a madden 21 franchise where every week you spun a random wheel from 1-53 and whatever number it lands on that person gets the rona and is out for 2-4 weeks

  11. Alvin Gunn Jr says

    I enjoy watching this series and your Madden 21 franchise. I wish you the best of luck with your season and franchise. I really do hope u get the win cause you are doing a job with your franchise. I also like where plus do believe that you will have success in your franchise. I look forward to and can’t wait for the next episode #KeepTheSeriesGoing #WatchTilTheEnd #AlwaysLeaveALike

  12. Uncle Terry says

    Jerome can you drop your sliders? I’m having trouble with mine.

  13. Uncle Terry says

    NCAA franchise!!

  14. Quinn Buseman says

    Antonio’s production is such a big part of that offense

  15. Tyrannical Typo Michael Tester says

    Lets go….

  16. Xtreemtrunks 21 says

    Sigh Collin kapernick

  17. CJ Johns says

    Please rename Thad moss to Thad castle 😂

  18. TheKOKIDJR says

    This team may not get more than 2 wins this season IRL lol, the cpu is still too ass for your gameplay style. If you do an Subs OF add me Pkr (Xbox)

  19. Alejandro Brown says

    1:07 had me dead. This is why he has a loyal fan base.

  20. Elliott McInnes says

    I know the off-season is a while away, but you need to spend a premier pick on a lineman or a linebacker when thomas davis sr retires

  21. Philip Seidle says

    Why does Chase Young’s icon show up as a superstar icon and not x-factor?

  22. Qtube Gaming says

    Why don't you ever user Chase Young?

  23. SmokingSkull 10 says

    Every time you want to say Fabian Moreau, you start to say Foster Moreau. Smh

  24. MrPancakes says

    When the CB speed bursted to get the pick I died laughing

  25. Wounded legend says

    Let’s go another video!!

  26. Alastor says

    Change the playbook

  27. SmoothCriminal346 says

    1:13 jesus ea1:59 i retire from playing ea games every again

  28. Euan Strachan says

    “Back it up terry” only some will know

  29. nîggàwithnoblack says

    1:10 ayo??

  30. Ty Cruz says

    Missed wide open receiver at 16:13 could have been the pressure tho @jeromepkr

  31. Raheim Everance says

    Bro I'm back I'm been watching but I haven't been commenting

  32. OTM Blizz says

    This team is running a 4-3 why do they have them running a 3-4

  33. Matt says

    Did I miss the trade orrrr did you use that as clickbait?

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