War Thunder Soundtrack: Menu Music 4


This song is called “Freedom, Your Bells Harken to Me”
Composed by Georgy Zheryakov
Performed by the Baltic Symphony Orchestra

You can buy the soundtrack here:

Some songs, including the main theme, aren’t available for purchase, so you can get them for free here:

Replace “tube” in the URL with “repeat” to have the music repeat =D
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  1. h is my favorite letter says

    i feel like i have never heard this anymore, it usually plays after i did a match and was on the main menu deciding what plane to use next and the subtle music changes to the legacy themesi miss the older and simpler days where there were no missiles and apfsds 🙁

  2. Ben Laskowski says

    Mission Briefing.

  3. Deutscher Deutschland und Brasilien says

    Birds of Steel… Nostalgia…

  4. Janenarong Aukkaramahaake says

    Game used to be excellent before ,and this song orchestra made me nostalgia for old day in war thunder!!!!!!!!

  5. SUPER VEKY says


  6. JKerman511 says

    Title fits so well.


    this is my faivuret

  8. John Donovan says

    I come from a family of RAF pilots. Proud lad right here 🙂

  9. Baron Sionis says

    I thought this was the mission briefing theme…

  10. George RU says

    Kinda my fav menu music

  11. Erich Von Manstein says

    Vietnam War

  12. Adalet91 says

    Loading screen baaaa

  13. Lo says

    ahhhh , when I got my first T-34

  14. NEV HAU says

    Is the air plane in the picture is Sea Galddiater?

  15. Corn bread says

    Biplanes have flaps?

  16. Vortigern Victrix says

    Angels on our shoulders!!

  17. Aegean says

    I misread the description. I regret my life.

  18. Sander Hendrickx says

    The moment when you spot like 3 Yak-9T's ready to shoot your plane in pieces with their cannons….

  19. KobaltApollodorus says

    C'mon, we all know this isn't menu music. This is "Test Flight: The Musical"

  20. Raiden2k says

    Epic track, feeling good when i listen to it! Forward!

  21. Schmitty Werberjägermann-Jensen says

    Who remembers Birds of Steel?

  22. Noble 6 says

    "Ready for take off Captain!!""Keep your eyes in the skies boys! Eyes on the skies…"

  23. John Taylor says

    It's chirping taaake off!!! at the end.

  24. Maz Nator says

    Ah, been looking for this song, best song in the game imo. Shame it's so short though.

  25. Paul C says

    It's that music when you get your new PBY!!! (Got my PBY with landing gear and not floats yesterday)

  26. m4j0rSK says

    this one is best im thinking of sample it to beat

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