1. Ronald H says

    Before this point unless you watched UVA in the early 90s there were alot of rough seasons. No ACC tournament win since Ralph Sampson. This was a special year for UVA fans. I'm glad we didnt stop there.

  2. Taylor Wittman says

    this is incredible

  3. Big J says

    This is an awesome video gives me goosebumps I can not wait til the new season starts WAHOOWA #whynotus #AllCavalierConference

  4. Jonah Santiago says

    Sometimes you have to struggle before you can succeed. So proud of this group!

  5. FastIdiotBoss says

    GO HOOS!!! Will be there Friday and Sunday!

  6. MrHooshenry says

    Awesome video! Wahoowa!!!

  7. Doug Weimer says

    Gives me chills

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