1. LA FORZA92 says

    Vikram should have never ever ever ever ever left leeds

  2. Ajeet Singh says

    When Viz said 'If you stay too long you become a villain' at 33.09 and Manny said 'say that to Arsene Wenger' that hit me hard.

  3. Haus X says

    Who's Vikram? I've always heard about him but I never saw his channel.

  4. Ace Striker says

    I love this series so much. Please don't stop. It's way too funny lol!

  5. One says

    8:50 that’s the snuss 😂😂😂

  6. froie alvaro says

    this series is crack to me

  7. Roddley The Goat says

    Join a bigger team Newcastle holding you bck

  8. Cass says

    Viz defo download/copied a tactic, who does diamond formation anymore.

  9. Gerald Wood Varela says

    On what days do they stream?

  10. Bmoc1995 says

    20:38 Corona Virus!

  11. Mohammed Ali says

    Vikram doesn't deserve to manage a prem team, keeps wanting to jump teams.

  12. Briken Janushaj says

    Start making fifa videos

  13. Vieri Adhitya says

    Vikram should prioritize looking for tactics instead of a new job

  14. Finding Nemorin says

    Coming like an rnb video 😂🤣

  15. Abdulrhman Hamad says

    والله ي خويك عليه راس !

  16. app 1612 says

    Manny end of season try join a bigger team if available we wanna see u get some silverware

  17. AAFIFA 2000 says


  18. R EMcW says

    man put Danny ward upfront…

  19. George McGeough says

    When life gives you vik make it vikkstar not vikram

  20. Vincent Gibson says

    Loving the series keep it up

  21. Prince Archie says

    Why are vikrams ears so far back😂😂😂😂💀

  22. D Simpster says

    Thomas is too funny

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