Vaccines, acid blockers, mouth wash and mental health


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Excellent update Lyndsey, thank you again. Also check out Lindsey’s pharmacy channel for interesting videos on medicines and health topics.

Friendly Pharmacy 5 Acid Reducers Pre-study:
Study on Covid-19 and Acid Reducers:
JAMA: Further evidence to Monitor Long-term Proton Pump Inhibitor Use:
Patient decision-making tool to assess Proton Pump Therapy:

Mouthwash can prevent coronavirus from multiplying and spreading through the body, say Brazilian research

Isloation Well-being:

o Shower
o Medication
o Drink Water
o Clean 1 thing/space
o Tend to something growing/living

Be mindfully present to…
o A sound or song
o A sensory feeling
o Something you see
o A spiritual practice

o Reach out to a human outside your home
o Do 1 thing to get your heart rate up
o Do 1 thing you’ll be glad you did later
o Do 1 thing just because you want to
o Get in at least 1 good laugh!

  1. Maureen Hadaway says

    Really excellent conversation covering a really broad range of topics. I always watch to the end John. Thanks to you both for your knowledge and dedication.

  2. Olive Farmer says

    "ADVERSE EFFECTS", tell us what they are! "ADJUVANTS", tell us what they are! "EFFICACY", "hit and miss"? Tell us about those many people we read about that having had the jab for one variant of flu get seriously ill when they catch another seasonal variant, ie NOT an attenuated version but the reverse. "ARE YOU HOPING TO GIVE THE COVID VACCINE SOON?" Why not ask "Are you nervous about giving a vaccine that has NOT been tested for long-tern effects?" OR "Are you nervous about giving a vaccine that is testing a NEW and UNTRIED genetically altering methodology?" No questions from these "Experts" about the potential risks, about the fact that manufacturers have been given legal immunity from prosecution if the vaccine does damage to someone. "70%" willing to take that risk? Says WHO? Most Doctors they tell us are reluctant to take the untested, rushed jabs………hmmm.

  3. Pauly Flyer says

    I can't believe how narrow minded and politically naive these two are.

  4. Pauly Flyer says

    Only 90% effective but I have a vaccine already inside me which is 99.7% effective called my immune system. Thanks for the offer but no thanks.

  5. Moose Lodge says

    Ivermectin is HIGHLY successful!!! I urge those to try and get this if you get sick. Take early.

  6. S Anderson says

    Chlorhexidine is a most sensible alternative mouthwash

  7. S Anderson says

    a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash show do something as well

  8. Alyce Johnson says

    THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH for making your text books available FREE OF CHARGE to the Entire WORLD. What an amazing act of pure hearted Generosity! I look forward to continuing my studies with your pathophysiology text as I wasn't able to take that course at University. I tremendously appreciate having your physiology text as an additional reference.

    I did make a modest donation – but nowhere near what the texts are Worth, I realize. My thought being that if everyone who could donate (even just a little) would indeed make that modest contribution, you would ultimately be well compensated for your time and efforts (even considering how many people who genuinely cannot afford to donate at all). I wish I could afford to donate regularly to your efforts. That is one of my own financial goals – to be able to do that.
    THANKS again for your Amazing Generosity!

  9. Kevin Lavoie says

    Doctor, what is your take on Ivermectin?

  10. Elinor Drake says

    Very enjoyable! I've been using listerine most every time I come in from going out and about since Covid started. I felt like it could be useful! Nice to know there is some science in it!

  11. tbag - says

    re: the mouthwash … I was at the dentist the other day and as part of their covid procedure, they have you rinse with a peroxide solution for 60 seconds. Now I know why.

  12. Mitridate says

    The adjuvant is aluminum which slowly recks your Brain & gives you Alzheimer’s if you take a large number of vaccines over the years

  13. R Nunez C. says

    Exactly, why not try peroxide 10 volume diluted at 75% or 3 water 1 peroxide. Mouthwash three times a day only not for gargling!…great info away from the too conventionally complex ..

  14. Allan Challenger says

    Brilliant thank you both

  15. Gerri Viglas says

    So basically if we do not get the vaccine we will not be able to buy or sell and all will be restricted? Hmm?

  16. John Bear says

    So much talk and obsession about a flu virus..Why?….maybe you are educating only?…Any alternative motives?…please no more deciet..we get plenty of that…your profession is trending towards cult science in my opinion…I smell Nazis for they tend towards cult thinking and occult practices….I appreciate honest doctors..

  17. garchomp with internet access says

    Sweet n' sour sniffles…

  18. V Intuitive says

    And this is why there will never be a valid vaccine for the flu or covid. You can’t ever predict the path of mutation. Any vaccine for an RNA virus is flawed and should not be given. Most people get the disease when they get the vaccines.

  19. Arizona Mountain Woman says

    As always THANK YOU for your informative information. My sister, Loni, lives in Switzerland, watches you too, and while I was talking with her commenting on Covid19 said "We ARE NOT GOING TO TRIP AND FALL RIGHT BEFORE THE FINISH LINE (vaccine). SO TAKE CARE!"

  20. F101403 says

    It’s depressing to hear health care workers jump on the propaganda bandwagon with no questions.
    Forced vacs, can’t work, can’t fly,
    Good minions.

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