Use your Android smartphone as a webcam


There are many apps that allow you to use your smartphone as a webcam. In this video, I highlight the app DroidCam for Android devices. DroidCam allows for wifi (internet or bluetooth) or wired (via microUSB) connection. The app is free, simple to use, and serves as a very solid stopgap for those in need of a webcam.

DroidCam app:
DroidCam PC program:

  1. Deyb Studio says

    no device connected

  2. Andy Owen Cook says

    game on, guy

  3. todd mullins says

    Didn't work over usb cable for me but does connect over wifi fine.

  4. Animetions says

    Thank you! It works perfectly. I'm here from 2020 and I needed it.

  5. David Stancu says

    You are the beast ,thanks man!

  6. MrAsfdjkl12345 says

    Anyone have advice on using this to stream without stuttering/delay/lag in the phone video cap device in OBS?

  7. Evil Maxis says


  8. Rolix says

    Help mine is lagging

  9. Texas Veteran Power Outdoors says

    doesn't work

  10. Kanzee says

    I've read the previous comments…and am getting stuck on the Phone Settings > ?? Developer Options?? …I've scrolled through the connections tab ~ My device tab ~ Accounts ~and the More Tab …My Android Galaxy 5 ..doesn't seem to have this developers Options > *Debugging USB*..Perhaps this phone settings has another title for Developers Options ?any assistance , would be greatly appreciated…thank you

  11. ItzCursedPlayz says

    Thx this still works!!

  12. RobloxianKML says

    The under screen from your webcam is that they are something wrong There is black..

  13. NyteBladeTR says

    Thank you soo much. I was thought its only wireless first time I have seen at play store. But now I illuminated.

  14. Mike Oxlong says

    He's full of shit

  15. ZeroDevs says

    yooo Flyers for the win!

  16. Gairick says

    when i am clicking start in usb with usb debugging on… it teals "no device detected" please help… 🙁

  17. 2PurpleSwitchs says

    really good works well

  18. The Carr Show says

    Finally got it to work but it's a pain in the ass.

  19. Carlo Nassar says

    This actually helped.

  20. David Guevremont says

    nice My samsung S8+ Will definetly do better than web cams xd 2960×1440 px and 4k UHD thank alot 😛

  21. Fort Cleaning Services says

    thanks, works excellent. continue doing tutorials. thumbs up!!!

  22. Eric Dozier says

    Any option for mac?

  23. Kai says

    for me it works on skype but not something like omegle. can you help me out?

  24. flakyfan says

    the client on my pc doesn't have the video quality settings like on yours am i missing something? its version is v6.0.0 and im using windows

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