Unbroken Will | Neal Acree | Glenn Stafford | Shadowlands Music


Contributing Artists: Neal Acree, Glenn Stafford

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  1. Warcraft Music and Gaming says

    0:00 – Action H
    2:16 – Action A
    3:43 – Action B
    4:15 – Action C
    5:09 – Ambient H
    7:19 – Ambient A
    8:21 – Ambient B
    9:17 – Ambient C
    10:10 – Ambient D
    12:22 – Ambient E

  2. El Diario de Karlana says

    azerite shadowlands music (??

  3. Izzy Furiouswow says

    Holy mother of god this is the music we heard at the end of the Afterlives pre-view trailer for all the animated shorts. It sounds freaking insanely great!

    Right up my alley. Thats the kind of badass drum ** i prefer!

  4. Tenecto says

    This sounds like the maw intro scenario

  5. Max Frejlich says


  6. Kiwaldo says

    like Whoa.

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