UNBELIEVABLE Basketball HORSE Trickshots!!


We played in the biggest game of horse ever!
Huge shout out to #MetroByTMobile for sponsoring this video. If you didn’t already know, I partnered with Metro for their Biggest Game of H-O-R-S-E and got to team up one of my biggest fans! Watch to see how it all went down. #ad

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  1. almighty sossa says

    Tjass woulda won if he had a better teammate

  2. maestro says


  3. maestro says

    Pause at 10:33

  4. DC NBT says

    All Cash did was get carried

  5. Maya & ShaNaya says

    Cash is actually making me mad cuz he was being carried he didn’t do nothing and he is so happy that he won even there was nothing done

  6. yea I said it says

    Cash needs to shut the fuck up

  7. xd code benz says

    I hate T gay

  8. Buster A says

    Jesse yellingAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Vladd Wavy says

    Anybody still watching 👀 been a year since this upload

  10. Marv says

    Literally the only thing that TJass can do is a layup nothing else he sucks at everything else lmao

  11. Jena Taylor says


  12. DBZ Vegeta says

    tristan is good before but his arms was swelly because before he shot 300 times almost a book of guiness

  13. Lachlan Carver says

    Bruh Jesses thumbnails are just ridiculous

  14. Da'marion Florence says

    lets get to 3million

  15. Ακης Νικολετος says

    T jass is so annoying

  16. Charlie Kelly says

    Cash was so cocky

  17. Jun Sung Kang Oh says

    Bro, Cash is always sooooooooooo happy when he wins and always sooooooooooooooooo mad when he loses!

  18. Lucky FN says

    10:33 cash middle finger

  19. TIKO The best says

    You guys should play horse on 2k

  20. Brady Edwardson says

    I hate cash

  21. Colton Adams says

    Cash is getting carried

  22. Lil Guzi says

    Cash stuck that middle finger

  23. M8 DADDY says

    18:34 it should be the fan who kept clutching up and carried cash

  24. Carlos says

    At 10:33 cash did something

  25. Kraze_ KillerShags14 says

    I hate cash so much now

  26. afua pokua says

    Check 8:06

  27. afua pokua says

    Did you realize that cash was pointing his middle finger to the camera

  28. Tyler Li says

    Damn Jesse's teammate was trash

  29. Zack the kid says

    Anyone notice cash flip everyone off lol

  30. Hunter Foltz says

    10:33 cash be sticking up his middle finger 🖕

  31. billydestin says

    That's the first time tjass has ever been beaten in a game of horse

  32. Eastwood S says

    2:22 sometimes I practice that shot for no reason. Don’t ask why

  33. Jimmy Michy says

    Jesse got a shit team mate ngl

  34. LoveVerx says

    8:03 did he get slapped in the but

  35. Chiken Man says

    Cash is goatedHis teamates are

  36. nb a says

    Cash put up the middle finger

  37. Str1kx says

    10:34 cash put up the finger lol

  38. delgado swag says

    yo cash just finessed jesses team using tjass' abilities mannn CApP

  39. it me chase says

    I bet you won't go to 10:33

  40. Landon Roby says

    Cash did nothing the hole time

  41. KenFromYT says

    10:32 lmao

  42. Marco Sugianto says

    Lowkey cash was being very annoying but he dont do anything bruh lemme be honest about that

  43. Alexander Diaz says

    10:32 cash flicked us off

  44. Michael Minton says

    Didint Tristan Haas lose

  45. CertifiedLoss says

    No body help Jesse he was carrying

  46. Steven McNamara says

    Bro cash sticker up his middle finger

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