1. Choice Insurances says

    holy shit just cried and thought about how hard it is being an adult and how I wish I was my kids age again glued into the world of UO pre-trammel and the tower I had in Yew near the bank

  2. Michael Hotter says

    Drachenfels! <3
    G.A.C.K.s <3
    Oh, the memories!

  3. freshtendrills says

    Napa Valley represent!! Sex Machine…Digitalthug….Buck Star….Patton. Still ganking crying nubs somewhere!!

  4. RequiemFrost says

    Man I remember the Atlantic shard me and my buddies had 3 small towers right outside the gate. we used to PK people at the gate. once they were pissed enough they would form a posse and come after us. Got so bad I had to macro I Ban Thee lol. we even used to let them rush in and then lock the front door behind them leaving them trapped for the Corp Por bombs. so good.. soo good.

  5. Onore! says

    such an awesome game. why dont they make another one. the art is sick

  6. Monty Marmite says

    Nice upload but this isn't the music I remember. It was all MIDI when I played. Way better!

  7. Xilo Channel says

    [Purveyor of Darkness, Shadowlords] Vas Ort Flam, Kal Vas Flam, Corp Por, In Nox, Im Por Ylem, Im Por Ylem, Im Por Ylem, Im Por Ylem, GG…. =(

  8. SayonaRAP says

    UO Alianza FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anthony Lopez says

    This was my first mmo (Chesapeake server) and is still probably my favorite but ESO is coming real close to it. Love the sound track.

  10. OLee82 says

    Just like all other banks. ^^

  11. nutscorp says

    yes was 2deep4me back in 1999. the moongate fights, the later shadowlords fights, it's like the city just doesn't care… empath abbey on the other hand was always there for us, criminals

  12. DiegoRFerrerG says

    Neverlands Shard forever!! good old days!

  13. Evan CJ says

    I love how you could use the bank from outside the East wall in Yew. My favorite hangout.

  14. Shadow_Link says

    @bflyson1 Everquest players were greedy cunts who only cared about getting gear.

    Ultima online players were helpful.I remember being in a guild called avatar of virtues.
    The guild provided me with armor that lowered reagent costs and provided me with money and even a book with runes for travels.I was surprised how polite people were because i was used to assholes who would sooner watch you die and piss on your grave than help you.This game was also bloody hard.Greater dragons.

  15. Shadow_Link says

    @bflyson1 The first time i played ultima online,i had a paladin.I went with a group and into a dungeon.I ended up dying from not knowing how to play and losing everything from not being insured.I was absolutely furious.

    Then i made a blacksmith named applesmith.I don't know why i called myself,i just chose some random name.I think my house was north of britania around mountain areas.I also remember hunting arctic ogres for fame and karma,fun times.

    Ultima online had the best people.

  16. bflyson1 says

    Ultima Online was a good game I used to play now a it changed and sucked, I remember fighting my own guild members in New Haven near bank before we went hunting :p

  17. Enkendu2 says

    @R4W yes it was that long ago, those were the best times,

    what was your pk name?

  18. Xtal says

    Ahh! Yew, look out for Shadowlords!

  19. nirorinify says


  20. ithakra says

    I miss this game! Azmodan, Verbal Kint, Kishore, Neuron, Solinari Speedy of KGB just to name a few that frequented the Abbey bank back in the day on the Pacific server.

  21. Dalian Bledea says

    thx for uploading this man

  22. BBJ8000 says

    Mean and Dirty/Shadowlords – Baja!! Yew was ours!

  23. Enkendu2 says

    @R4W yeah it was close to 14 years ago, what was your PK's name? i ran with a group and some of their names were Soulfire, Ganth, Stryfe, and i can't remember all their names but those are a few of them,

  24. john doe says

    Anybody remember the days of opening a moongate to your house in fel and killing the nubs dumb enough to walk through? 😉

  25. john doe says

    @Enkendu2 noooooo way? was this like 13 or 14 years ago? I used to play baja and was a pretty well known pk.

  26. Enkendu2 says

    I used to have a two story mansion near Yew on the Baja server, it was on top of that dungeon that was part way under the ground, we were called by others "the PK's at Yew" man those were the good old days, i would give just about anything to go back to those day's, no game has ever come close to what UO used to be.


  27. Jon King says

    Wow free shards Yew music is MUCH differnt still epic none the less :3

  28. Adino1 says

    Yeah I got my start in Yew when the game first game out, making and selling bows and hunting in Rat Valley to the south. Must be the reason I placed my large tower there and joined Shadowlords later on.

  29. TIAHOE says

    im surprised there is not more comments here. Yew was one of the best moongates around. I remember being a noob(noticed i spelled it the right way, the uo way) and being hunted while I ran from the moongate to yew, then I became the hunter.

  30. ithakra says

    Oh people used to PVP up there all the time. I played UO in the late 90's. There was a trick getting up there. You had to teleport from an exact spot next to the doors to the abbey. Good times.

  31. Joshua Adams says

    Yew Bank rooftop pvp ftw. Man, I miss the good ol' days lol.

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