Trump Tries to Push Through Damaging EPA/Agriculture/Labor Regulatory Changes in his Final Weeks


As NBC News reported, Trump is trying to push through several damaging regulatory changes in the final weeks of his presidency. These changes involve repealing regulations designed to promote workers’ safety, damaging the EPA’s ability to work on clean air issues, reducing the number of foreign student visas, making it more difficult to working to benefit from fair wage protections, etc. Trump’s moves seem designed to help the business titans and harm the workers. What can President-elect Biden do about it?

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  1. phillyslasher says

    In the competition for Worst President in history, it's the 4th quarter, trump is ahead by 100 points, he's pulled the starters and is puffing on that victory cigar.

  2. Tony Igwe says

    Undoing the rules may be challenging but not impossible. The easiest way would be to make new rules that would make the implementation of Trump's rules a pain for the industry involved.

  3. Ronald Morrison says

    It will likely take union pressure to get these environmental and labor issues reversed while bucking the Republicans! As long as Republicans control the senate, reversals of the Trump damage will be very difficult. One idea, a return to the old FCC rule that for every broadcast of a political view the opposing views had to be mentioned. That might reduce the lies that are broadcast that manipulate the voters.

  4. Lee Alexander says

    The first thing I plan to do is go for an especially joyful ride on the black stallion.

  5. John Leach says

    I think the sedition bar has been violated, but tell me if I'm mistaken. It wouldn't be an easy prosecution: The number of co-con spiritors is large. Lying "news" agencies, supporting Senators and WH functionaries. It's clearly needed.

  6. veo1960 says

    Thank You for a somber and realistic view on the American unrealistic picture on the reality. Wow.

  7. Dies irae et vindictae says

    About medical insurance for employees.
    Why, would the employees need it anyway? If Biden is going to guarantee that medical care for everyone, why would they even need it? All Biden would have to do would be to tax businesses based on personnel size, size of the business, and risks to employees who work for that business. ©️
    If the business tries to take away money from the employees “contractors” increase minimum wage.©️

  8. Jeannie Helliwell says

    God I hate Trump. Please get rid of him before he really destroys this world. What a wicked man he is.

  9. Nancy M says

    Rules ain’t LAWS

  10. Trace Rocks says

    Trump isn’t the only one that needs to be prosecuted.

    Bill Barr represented Catapillar in. 2.3 billion dollar tax evasion scheme.

    The investigation was mysteriously dropped one week after Barr became Attorney General.

    I’m so did heartened by all this. It truly feels like the criminals are winning.

  11. Jennifer Matey Abram says

    tdump= enemy of the people, crimes against humanity, murder due to deriliction of duty!! January 21st, 2021 JAIL!!

  12. Likuan Huang says

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  13. Jan Reece says

    Thank you Glenn we are so appreciating your wisdom and your wife. We need to exhale everyday as we continue walking on eggshells, the trump administration in power feels like a violent abusive relationship and it's time for accountability, relief and justice.

  14. TC TC says

    Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke.

    They stand four-square for the American home–but not for housing.

    They are strong for labor–but they are stronger for restricting labor's rights.

    They favor minimum wage–the smaller the minimum wage the better.

    They endorse educational opportunity for all–but they won't spend money for teachers or for schools.

    They think modern medical care and hospitals are fine–for people who can afford them.

    They consider electrical power a great blessing–but only when the private power companies get their rake-off.

    They think American standard of living is a fine thing–so long as it doesn't spread to all the people.

    And they admire the Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it.

    Harry S. Truman 1947


    #LOCKtrumpUP4EVER !!!!!!!

  15. James McDonald says

    Trump is the perverted spawn of the neofascist Republican lackeys for extremist capitalism, who are Fascist to their core and the enemies of the people.

  16. Darlene Williams says

    Trump and the rich Republicans is busy trying to undermine benefits to workers and safety of workers to benefit the big companies before he gets booted out of Whitehouse. Those Trump supporters not thinking nor believing what Trump is doing will affect Trump supporter workers too, as with rest of workers in this country. How ignorant can some people be. They still willing to cut their own necks off for Trump and that of the I family for Trump who does not really care about them at all nor their families nor for workers providing for their families nor healthcare for their families. President Obama didn't allow the companies to treat workers like that but Trump is allowing the rich and big companies to put a strong hold against American worker.

  17. Kitty S. says

    Scorched earth and poison the well.

  18. America Lost says

    Lol! You talk about all this stuff as Biden is already saying let bygones be bygones even as Trump kicks him in the face. Once again the bullied Democrats allowing themselves to be bullied. But even worse, NOT fighting to protect the American people

  19. hhholsteiners says

    Anything less than 60 days old can be canceled. Trump did this very thing to Obama.

  20. Love Pet says

    He must be charged. Pleasego to work in Biden administration

  21. Peace says

    Welcome to extraction capitalism! The rich and wealthy have pushed the essential workers to work, so they can collect those investment checks. When a country is only worried about one class of citizens, it is no longer a democracy. There is nothing in the constitution to give the corporate class anything, much less give then more rights than a citizen.

  22. Karrie Valdez says


  23. John Wilson says

    Is there any way to stop him before he leaves office or must we sit by while the stupid baby tries to wreck our country.

  24. Milford Civic says

    Trump and 'tards = garbage in, garbage out

  25. Life and Home with Meredith says

    Don’t these things all need to go through the senate or congress to change or can Trumpdo anything he wants?

  26. Life and Home with Meredith says

    I don’t understand how he is allowed to legally do this s,,,. Trump is trying to sink the ship. Much Love

  27. Fran Fran says

    Why do his Republican constituents calmly sit by and let him do this. Shame on them, they are a disgrace to America. You people who keep on putting them in office are a disgrace, I don't care if your democratic or Republicans, dam it, sent you fed up with all this crap that's happening. He lost, get over it…

  28. Nancy Sherry says

    Mr Kirschner. have you submitted your resume to the Biden Team for AG?

  29. JL R says

    He's got dementia, he needs to go before he burns absolutely everything to the ground.

    But to be fair, this insanity started loooong before Trump cane along. He just capitalized and exploited. He's that crazy old man who needs everyone to pretend along with him. Pathetic and sad we've allowed this to happen.

  30. Simone Schultz says

    This is criminal, how could Democrat’s use the courts to stop it?

  31. Susan Buck says

    Biden is said to be following the Obama administration's forgiveness of the Bush Administration and their war crimes, in this regard to investigating Trump and thugs in their illegal and unethical actions, and, numerous crimes and corruption. Do we have any recourse if he does just do the, "that was the past and now let's just look forward" thing? Do you think Biden will offer any pardons? I think going back to Nixon, this poo-pooing off such crimes has lead to this crazy crime-spree Trumpist organized crime situation and flaunting of laws and rules!

  32. william kobling says

    "Such a relief and exhale"…..yeah I agree. Biden is just the man for justice. Thanks for keeping up these issues!

  33. Marian Lincoln says

    Hey did we forget the toxic coal sludge pond spill a few years ago that poisoned the drinking water down stream for thousands of people from Ohio to Louisiana Kentucky and Tennessee to Mississippi , that sort of got shall we say washed away by " Big Biz & Big Donny's bros in Biz the Duke brothers"

  34. K R says

    I imagine a lot of people will celebrate when he's six feet under.

  35. Viniana Bati says

    Thankyou Glenn for sharing this with everyone. This ONE TERM PRESIDENT IS THE WORST PRESIDENT IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!. What the new Administration should do is to let him pay for all his crime. Teach him a lesson that No One is Above the Law!!!….Soar Loser! Now he's punishing Americans who Did Not Vote for him.

  36. Claire Pierson says

    im telling yu hell do everything to ruin this country before he leaves and he dosnt care i hope he goes to jail

  37. kevin hay says

    Think face stuffing America cares about the workers who make their food? Hell no!

  38. Jesus wins. says

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