Trump posts '60 Minutes' interview he cut short after questions on health care, Whitmer


President Donald Trump followed through Thursday on his threat to undercut an interview set to air on “60 Minutes” this weekend, posting what he said is the uncut version of the contentious conversation.

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  1. Freedomring 1775 says

    she is ridiculous …winning! Trump2020

  2. tony35287 says

    “Big Baby 👶 Trump”

    I was wanting for him to start crying 😢 just lies and more LIES!
    What a Dickhead! Lol 😂

  3. Jeanine Ruggs says

    This dude is acting like a child

  4. Jake says

    Poor little donald; such a cry baby that whines and whines!!!

  5. Thin Le says

    This old ugly Leslie is a Trump-hater, no neutral, no fairness will ever come out of this argument. She setup to humiliate not to interview. No more '60 Minutes' bye bye!

  6. M BI says

    Bwahahaha…go, Trump!

  7. Ginny Rue says

    He has such a patient. This woman has no respect at all. What a waste of his time.

  8. L S says

    I would not only have walked out but this"" would have known everything I THOUGHT!
    I would have walked out ALOT SOONER!

  9. Song 2 Sing says

    What a freaking creep and Liar in Chief. Cannot wait until this clown is GONE!

  10. Fortunat Reiser says

    Trump does not want to lock up Obama, he wants to put him to death. And he will.

  11. Roger Williams says

    Which rock has Leslie Stahl been hiding under? She is the epitome of the filthy swamp!
    I feel nauseated by her badgering of the President!

  12. Carlos Augusto Bedoya says

    My brethren,be strong in THE LORD, and in the power of HIS MIGHT.
    Put on the whole armour OF GOD, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities,against powers,against the rules of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    and they overcame him by the blood of THE LAMB,and by the word of their testimony,and they did not love their lives unto death.

  13. Lily Munster says

    It's dangerous to have a highly insecure narcissist like this man in any position of power, let alone in the White House. Due to all of the unverified things that a TABLOID has released as facts, Dr. Trump just might be around for 4 more years. UGH!

  14. Glenda Faye says

    He makes me sick.

  15. V.L. S. says

    Leslie Stahl: You know already. so clear the Manipulation the Planned for Manner of Twisted Questions.
    The Prior Excellent Reputable Leslie Stahl – turned the high regard for years into failings. 60 Minutes. My Grandparents finished dinner & went to family room to turn on a television with an antenna on the roof, every Sunday to watch 60 Minutes. The Greats, Best Newscasters and Reporters for decades. That is gone. That Leslie is complicit, and that 60 Minutes is aware of themselves stooping low is a Choice. Your Network betrays you now, You betray yourselves, Leslie betrays a once-was person.

  16. Jessica Southern says

    What a pus! Does he not understand that Joe Biden is not the President & therefore what hard questions is he gonna be asked. He hasn’t made fun of our military, ignored the experts and has set a terrible example for citizens, lied about absolutely everything. Biden isn’t telling a white supremacy group to “stand by”! Come on!

  17. G Solorio says

    Why do all trump supporters act like if the president is God? If he says Jump off my trump tower I bet you idiots would do it!!! Lol my goddess 🤦🏻‍♂️

  18. Maciej M says

    What a pathetic man. Just whines like a weasel.
    This is sad and pathetic!

  19. King Peppy says

    Such a little cry bully, if he thinks her questions are tough he ought to go on DW's Conflict Zone, he doesn't know what a tough question is, little baby man snowflake

  20. Nikki Kennedy says

    Omg the crying and bitching from this gigantic toddler will NOT be missed

  21. Haunted Gohan says

    He said Biden is a corrupt politician, a crow says caw caw ‘coz crow just call out its own name .

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