Trump impeachment trial: Five possible twists ahead – BBC News


For only the third time in US history, an impeachment trial is under way in Washington. President Donald Trump is accused of an abuse of power and obstructing Congress.

Many believe it’s a foregone conclusion that Mr Trump – who denies the charges – will be acquitted at the end of this process because his party controls the Senate.

The BBC’s Anthony Zurcher explains how events could yet diverge from the script.

Video by Maxine Collins and Chloe Kim

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  1. B H says


  2. Citizen X says

    Is this supposed to be a news network, or did I hit a comedy channel?

  3. Roughcovers says

    Lol trump is the first to blackmail a country ? 😂

  4. DEVTHADUDE7 says

    Shame on you BBC and your bias. You’ve lost all credibility and become a barnacle in the world of yellow/Blue journalism

  5. Davonte McPherson says

    Bwahahahahahahahaha! Everybody in this Fake News show is exhibiting the classic symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome 😛🤪👍

  6. DUCKVOI46 the nub. NORTH says

    Trump I'm Brandon I don't want die old trump no more wars my family is scared.

  7. Danno 77 says

    Here’s a probable twist that you possibly won’t like.
    4 more years of Trump

  8. pindrop says

    Disgusting reporting as usual from the BBC. Never mind it only speeds up the inevitable reckoning headed the corporation's way. Defund the BBC.

  9. 강주효 says

    Oppa 다알고듵고 있어요 one day okay return white house 30 woo ri sign next entry last sign okay

  10. Stanley Mutshiya says

    Love this hilarious!

  11. Miki Dewberry says

    Joe Bidens Son on 80,000 dollars on month in a Ukrainian Gas company with no experience??? dear BBC

  12. Misfit Molly says

    Time to call your Senators and be heard! Lindsey Graham 202-224-5972; Tim Scott 202-224-6121; Jim Inhofe 202-224-4721; Pat Toomey 215-241-1090; John Hoeven 701-250-4618; Kevin Cramer 701-527-7419; Bill Cassidy 202-224-5824; John Kennedy 202-224-4623; Jim Risch 202-224-2752; Mike Crapo 202-224-6142; Mike Braun 202-224-4814; Pat Roberts 202-224-4774; Jerry Moran 202-224-6521; Chuck Grassley 202-224-3744; Joni Ernst 202-224-3254; Deb Fisher 202-224-2651; Josh Hawley 202-224-6154; Steve Daines 202-224-2651; Ben Sasse 202-224-4224; Rob Portman 202-224-2315

  13. The Boss says

    He should be on trial for murder

  14. Susan Diane Howell says

    While many others believe it's a foregone conclusion that President "Mr Trump" – who denies the charges – will be acquitted at the end of this process because there is no case for an impeachment and removal from his station as elected U.S. President.

  15. Vincent Ray says

    Corruption is the true enemy of the people.

  16. Refute Clip says

    Miss interpretation of the news= corrupt and fake news.

  17. Progressive Demagogue says

    This is another car crash for the Democrats. They've spent 3 years trashing Trump, and not talking about alternate policies. Then they put up 3 dead beat candidates. Trump will win again in November.

  18. King Peppy says

    COVER UP !!!!

  19. Debra Jensen says

    Drug on too long? It's the shortest road to impeachment ever!! This only started in September. Don't be misled just because so many people have wanted an impeachment to start for three years and there were always investigations going on.

  20. yulianto rahardjo says

    who ever in power, whether democrat or republican, american exceptionalism will always be enforced by any means to all over the world

  21. AndreA Pearl says

    He's not worried. Mitch McConnell is behind trump all the way! This trial is a farce!

  22. Henree Henry says

    Trump, an embarrassment to US. What do you have to hide? Apparently Everything. Reagan :Bush turning in their graves. He’s destroyed integrity intelligence & democracy. Sen Reps are so afraid of him, they’ve lied & will do anything for this corrupt narcissist. Nice role models for their kids.

  23. Billy Bob says

    Jeez BBC propaganda.
    Get over it Trump won in 2016
    Move on.

  24. Drmicky141 says

    I bet he'll win a 2nd term, just like the incompentent Tsai in Tw. They're in the right place at the right time so just go with the flow.

  25. Necrocosmopoliticon says

    LOL the music. American noir

  26. Alan Conlan says

    There can be no economic balance or peaceful coexistence on our planet until the corrupt US Regime is brought to an end. Yes, regime it is, the US people have long since lost their democracy. All their presidents, past and present, are coerced mouthpieces for this Regime. The Regime's war machine dollar, propped up by Wall Street hype, has already zeroed. The world is watching, patiently awaiting reality to strike.
    Aloha from Ireland.

  27. erik belle says

    Trump presidency will read like a crime documentary on The USA history books!!!….

  28. Ian Tegrity says

    MSM/Democrats pushing it's latest farce. It will fail just like it's fake Russian Dossier. No first hand evidence ! No first hand witnesses ! Nothing but hearsay. This pathetic show is over before it starts. If only we had a credible news outlet that would be willing to tell the truth 🤔 Na we have the Fake News BBC….

  29. Gone Gaming. says

    Fck the BBC and Fck the TV licence.
    TRUMP 2020 🇬🇧🇺🇲👌🏼

  30. Gone Gaming. says

    Only one outcome Aquitted.

    TRUMP 2020 – 2024 🇬🇧🇺🇲👌🏼

  31. Mr T 62 says

    The democrats are on trial not Presedent Trump.

  32. no_name matrix says


  33. ernest roybal says


  34. Gamini Gurusinghe says

    BBC is a media bias broadcasting institution's. Recently Sri Lankan
    BBC reporter and articles suggest that how bias they are.

  35. MrRRHHMM says

    The GUTTER bbc…. The bbc ''Where truth and integrity go to die''

  36. Nestor Matos says

    The BBC = CNN a bunch of leftist fools.

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