Trump holds news conference after summit with Kim Jong Un


President Trump gave his final remarks to the media after the conclusion of his bilateral summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, marking the end of the first meeting between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader.

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  1. imstupid4life says

    Thank you Trump. Real president that is not a puppet

  2. Val Tito says

    that is my PRESIDENT!!!!

  3. 강주효 says

    정상회담이전에 결재합니닺ㆍ

  4. Jack Mee says

    What is wrong with intelligent Trump supporters, apart from the obvious paradox? Have they never listened to the incoherent garbage that is coming out of his mouth? Do they mistake bullying for strength and his confrontational attitude for strong leadership? Bullies are deeply insecure and see a win for themselves only if someone else loses. They cannot see a success for themselves in win-win outcomes, which is a vital element for any diplomacy toward creating a foundation for peace. Bullies are neither strong personalities nor do confrontations at all cost resolve any issues.Sure, there is bound to be some “success” in wielding a club wide and often enough to hit something possibly worthwhile hitting, just like spraying the bullets of an AK15 wide enough to hit an empty can, just to be declared the target once it is hit.But celebrating this fluke a success? It is understandable that Trump is celebrating it as he needs to feed his ultra-inflated ego and because actual success is very rare indeed. But his supporters? Can they not see the reality behind this fluke?For instance, meeting and grovelling up to the North Korean despot after trading infantile insults and vile threads, just to reach an “Agreement” that is not worth the paper it is written on, is obviously deemed good cause for celebration by Trump and perhaps by some of his followers.In his recent meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister (or was it the Prime Minister of Denmark?), he said that if the Trade Negotiations with the EU is working out “it will be positive” and if they are not working out its “also positive”. He is obviously not comprehending the significance of a successful trade deal with Europe and his assertion could just as well have been “I don’t give a shit and I don’t understand it anyway”.Is it not of great concern that the President of the Divided States is a well-known liar who doesn’t even bother to disguise his lies?It is a tragedy that it seems to become accepted as the norm, when this incompetent President is breaching every rule in the book, disregarding every human decency, affronting anyone at will, dishing out lies with every speech and giving speeches that are more insulting but of even lesser value than farts.Any other person without the support and the hard-inherited cash would doubtless be declared incapacitated and/ or locked up.

  5. Rob Happe says

    If leading globally means paying bills for others then he has, but for a good reason. Nation States. Let all handle their own issues rather than wait for the police force of the world! MAGA!

  6. Matt Coller says

    We now know the 'agreement' Trump signed with Kim Jong Un was absolutely meaningless. It didn't even say NK had to stop producing nuclear fuel, so they've already started building new reactors! Pompeo went over to ask them to stop, and they just laughed at him. Trump only did it for the big theatrical show in this video, not to actually achieve anything real.

  7. Denise Moore says

    I'm glad your wife will take care of you in your dieing old age at least you found someone to I m trying to figure that out in my life you will probably live like the bible says a normal human life span is 70 to 80 years if your especially strong I know you are not looking forward to it but at least you got to be president before you die and your wife is young and beautiful not torturing your eyes your lucky for a old man your not abandoned in a convelesant home I just can't believe your wife is willing to take care of you she's young

  8. Humacunra says

    Against all odds, he still became our president. Trump 2020!

  9. sheckler hodgdon says

    you make me happy

  10. Janet Heath says

    If only you Trump Supporters had a brain. Liberals are not against this. But you are counting your chickens before they hatch. Chill out. Time will tell if this will happen. Other Presidents have signed deals with NK and then nothing happened. Obama was going to meet NK face to face and was told not to. Hillary could have done this-in reference to a comment about Hillary on here. Trump does not deserve and should not get a Nobel Peace Prize. He has made enemies with our allies. Trump can't seem to gain peace in the US. What makes you think a deal with NK will get him the NPP? We are going to have to stop this hate and divisiveness in the US. Trump is the lead on this. Trump incites hate and divisiveness with his attacks. There is not excuse for this. Trump Supporters live in total denial. The Democratic party is not going anywhere. I doubt Trump will get re-elected in 2020. There are too many people that do not want Trump in. This Country needs to get it together or we going to self-destruct. Trump has got to go!!!

  11. Janet Heath says

    Trump stood their like he knew what he was talking about. All he does is run his mouth like a blithering idiot. He does not make sense. He constantly pats himself on the back with his big ego. Trump is a disgrace to this Country and the World!!!

  12. Kieran’s Media Network says

    Damn liberals

  13. MrCouchmen says

    Good. Now pull all US soldiers from South Korea. Bring back those men and women home+send them to California, I heard squeling and barking there from celeb, libtards.

  14. Ultra instinct Grey says

    Wait so he gave away massive concessions for some unverifiable, vague commitment to look at denuclearization which NK has reneged on in the past? You people are idiots

  15. just wondering says

    Ok, so denuclearization takes a long time, but sanctions could be relieved soon…#45 that known as an oxymoron. Of course you just had to bring up Mr. Obama.And the statement that "these changes were agreed to after we signed the agreement" and that's why there not apart of the document we presented…His favorite answers fairly quickly, really soon, it's happening now, it's going to be soon are classic.Bottom line is Kim met with you #45 because other Presidents we too knowledgeable and intelligent for him to manipulate, you on the other hand gave him exactly what he's been dreaming for a leader who speak gobly good 3/4 of the time, and it's just as lost as possible.

  16. Leslie says

    What is this film clip they are showing at the beginning?

  17. Kimberly says

    Don the Con is EVIL!

  18. Justin Gomez says

    President crotch grabber President Murderer Both should be behind bars. PEACE MY ASS !Both presidents having fun.CONS!

  19. Easter Stedman says

    Nice movie. However you should take instructions from Avasva website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

  20. egshane says

    i kinda think kim un will not really get rid of his nukes. i think he is just pulling our chain, as they say.

  21. Ironshell says

    The Great White Hope!

  22. T Man says

    In all areas of life, it’s easy to sit back and criticize the people who get things done. We see it all the time! It’s the same with liberal Democrats. Their agenda is solely to criticize President Trump while he continues to make major breakthroughs. They couldn’t even conceive of this historic meeting!

  23. Lynn Smith says

    Great things will keep happening because Trump is earning respect through actions. ❤️✝️

  24. Kesha Borja says

    Take some info about energy on Avasva . It was very helpful to me 😀

  25. Judith Osorio says

    Trump sure looks great posing with a piranha, they're like two peas in a pod. Just wish he wouldn't defile our flag.

  26. Navah Wolff says

    Trump you are the best I'm so proud of you. Amazing!!!

  27. Daryl L says

    Faux News is fake news

  28. Rasmus Jørgensen says

    Trump got punked! Kim played him like a little dog. Play to a narcissists ego and he will jump through hoops for you. But since neither Drumpf or Kim has any intentions of keeping this agreement it's only a question of who will break it first. My guess is Trump.

  29. B. J. TIME STAR says


  30. 유승일 says

    pray for peace..

  31. Phil Landsy says

    Gun and ammo, ordnance manufactures hates this summit. I’m positive………lol.

  32. L says

    Too bad this has such a bad echo. This is so historic and it should have better audio. Why do they hold things like this in places with echo problems?

  33. JenDan Nguyen says

    Thank you President Trump… From Australia

  34. Prot Lekkim says

    Love you Mr President. The road will lead to peace and prosperity.

  35. How to channel Daniel says

    The bar has been raised really high for future presidents. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  36. Kieran’s Media Network says

    I knew Trump could do this, even after so many people tried to slander Trump, look at what he still did! This man deserves to be President, MAGA!

  37. Kieran’s Media Network says

    Trump 2020 MAGA!

  38. talkisreallycheap says

    This guy really is the peace maker….god emperor. Trump killing it tonight.

  39. Intelligent Security says

    Who is this guy?

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