Truck racing at Zolder 2020 | 1500 hp / 5000 kg machines


Event: Touring & Truck Weekend
Race series: Dutch Truck Racing
Track: Circuit Zolder
Date: 11-13 september 2020

Filmed with Canon Legria HF G40 + DM-100 microphone

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  1. MarloSoBalJr says

    Ah, yes! The smog of a turbo diesel is what I need to wake up each morning. These trucks sound awesome!

  2. Themayseffect says

    Are most of these running the same/similar engines?

  3. Hessenspotter says

    Imagine booking a trackday, and then showing up with a truck like this 😂

  4. Ross Neil says

    Had a few transport managers over the years, who thought all trucks were like that…

  5. ParryHotter says

    Are these carbon neutral by any chance ?

  6. detaart says

    There is something very cool about seeing these brutes being driven like this. 150+ out of kanaalbocht into bianchi is respectable, even for a car!

  7. Rank S pilot, Tatenashi says

    Still safer than Covid19 wears gas mask becuz smog everywhere

  8. Geoff Geoffson says


  9. z0nx says

    They all won the race for global warming))

  10. Disgusting Milky Water. says

    I love the long-nose Iveco, just makes me feel a certain way

  11. Themayseffect says

    Talk about running in the dirty air lol.

  12. Alexey Nagornov says

    check and mate, Greta Thunberg

  13. Max Bonillo says

    Big Monsters

  14. Brydanyourday says

    I forget, but isn't having a ton of black smoke mean you're missing out on a ton of potential power?

  15. V WG says

    🌟 Nice , i like it . Very cool . Thanks 🏁💪

  16. Fajar Astanaprima says

    How much power = 1500 hpHow much torque = ummm, yes…

  17. Alexander van der Woude says

    Hey kids, you like diesel smoke?

  18. TIM says


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