Trim Healthy Mama – Puddings Part 2


Authors Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett demonstrate one of their favorite puddings.
Although it’s green it is super slimming and packed with super food antioxidants.
For more recipes or to buy the book go to
Trim Healthy Mama book is ranked on Amazon as a top 10 for Women’s Health.

  1. Bettye's Cooking Channel says

    Where did you buy the tea from?

  2. Kitty Woods says

    I love split pea soup! 😁💕

  3. Karen Ketchum says

    I just found out that clove essential oil is super high on the orac value!

  4. fauvi says

    You ladies are hilarious. Just in case someone needs to walk into a store and ask for the matcha – it's pronounced "mah- cha" not "meh-cha".

  5. Claire Babcock says

    you girls crack me up! Thanks for the lovely recipe!

  6. Kristi Bohall says

    more videos please!!!!!

  7. kathyc68 says

    Please make more videos… I love watching you two. 🙂

  8. Stephanie Evans says

    So matcha is basically a type of green tea in powder form? Is it safe to use during pregnancy? Thanks! Oh and can you please tell us where to get the matcha and glucomannan?

  9. WindingtheSkein says

    You girls are so fun! Thanks! Could you post links to the glucannan and matcha?

  10. cinoy yonce says

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  11. Andrea McKeown says

    Matcha frappes are yummy too 🙂

  12. AmyRay Barnhart says

    which brand of matcha are you using?

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