1. Edelweiss Evangelista says

    Hi. I wonder where you get your vlog background music from? Thank you so much. It would be such great help 💙

  2. Anna FG says

    Loooove Australia ❤️

  3. Just Kathy V. says

    More videos please. I love your voice! Mwa

  4. Thereal LizM says

    More vids pls

  5. justchill okay says

    Thanks for sharing Belle ♥ this inspired me to work out and eat healthy; )

  6. Angelica Montaño says

    IM SO JELLY!!😭😭

  7. Workshop PH says

    Short. Sweet. Informative. Makes mewanna live life to the fullest. Seriously 😉

  8. Janenz Vlogs says

    Wow beautiful! I just been there 1 week ago in Sydney and it was so amazing, so many local attractions to visit with.

  9. April Jan Stephanie Ragragio says

    I love you vlogs, Belle!

  10. Bernard Martin BigMouthTV says

    WÖW! Please more Vlogs ✌🏻🙂

  11. Zarah de Chavez says

    I have watched this already on facebook! But for you ate belle.. i will watch it again! I love you so much 🙂 #favItGirl

  12. Aryann Belen says

    thank u for sharing your aussie experience!you are great! wooo 🙌🙌🙌💞💞💞

  13. Aliana Maranda says


  14. aireand bautista says

    worth watching vlog!

  15. Shayne Adeline says

    so inspirational 💕

  16. Rahnee Albert says

    so guapo your hubby 😍

  17. Charles Pispisano says

    You deserve a travel program! 💛💛💛

  18. loveazlen says

    i love belle travel journal 💖💖💖

  19. Irish Uy says

    i love your travel journals 💓

  20. Claire Contesa says

    what a great vlog! may i ask what camera did you use for this? 💖

  21. Lesley Desuyo Vlog says

    2nd ♥

  22. Cess D says

    love it!! first to comment 🙂

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