Travel Guide to Quebec City


In this travel video guide to Quebec City, I travel around Quebec City including its historic Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), stop in at the famed Ice Hotel where visitors spend the night on ice beds, and explore the Winter Carnival, the biggest winter carnival in the world that attracts over 600,000 people a year.

I finish up the Winter Carnival by watching a night parade and partying it up at a nighttime outdoor snow rave.


The host, Matt Stabile, of this video is the founder and editor-in-chief of the travel site He also served as Director, Editor and Foley Artist for this production.

  1. 10/10 says

    It's not just maple syrup. You have to boil it first to make some type of toffee.Called : Tire D'Érable

  2. Leillah Silva says


  3. T.S.F. says

    I also live in Colorado

  4. Lorenzo Laurenza says

    l live in italy l will want visit quebec.

  5. bihbhkjbnlk says

    I did a project on Quebec when I was a kid, and always wanted to go to the ice castles!

  6. Tammy Blau says

    Where are you from? You sound a bit Minnesotan ngl.. edit: ooops colorado i didnt watch the whole video xD

  7. JT65 says

    Quebec is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. So much history and the people are wonderful!

  8. kagatanjr says

  9. 于超杰 says

    wow,it's wonderful

  10. kirito-kun says

    Who was here from kdrama "Goblin"?

  11. James R says

    Wow! This was really eye opening!

  12. Simon Rancourt says

    About 65 years ago, my dad worked a summer at the coffee shop that is now the Starbucks at the Château Frontenac.

  13. Simon Rancourt says

    You missed the ice canoe race.

  14. frosty pablo says

    The British smashed ypu. Your fuckwit attitude is pissing people off.Fuck your dog of a town.Watch yourselves.

  15. Freedom Loving Loyalist says

    rip off of the new york plaza 2:54

  16. sabahat hameed says

    I want to.move with my 2 amatures child's but how.. from Pakistan

  17. LizzieTheWriter says

    from colorado too! I wouldn't mind canada too much ;p

  18. Itzz Yo Gurl Mary K says

    Next year for our Extended French trip at my school, we're going to Quebec and I'm so excited bc I asked my mom last year and she said that I could go bc her dream was to go there so she wants me to experience it but we have to start saving up from now bc it's $700 to go on the trip. All my friends are going as well and we're already planning everything. My friend's birthday is also during the trip so we're going to celebrate ourselves somewhere around Quebec. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!

  19. Tara Acker says

    This was a great video. Thank you. Now I'm torn. Should I go to Quebec before Christmas (12/21) and see the German Christmas Market or wait and go during February Carnival? I have two kids with me ages 11 and 13. Any tips?

  20. Rupok Khan says

    City of Celine Dion👏

  21. Preet Kaur says

    Why people dislike that places

  22. Phantom Thief Irwin says

    Vive La Quebec~

  23. Mukesh Sharma says Best place to stay and exploring Kashmir india

  24. Michelle Marie says

    Omg its so cute!!!!

  25. J Pawf says

    2:13 I am from Quebec and worked many years a this restaurant ! Le lapin sauté .it bring me so much memories to see this

  26. kingpin 1905 says

    C’est cool, mais ta pas parlé du FEQ!

  27. kingpin 1905 says

    Warning!! The winter carnaval lost a lot of money and now, it is very small

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