Travel Guide New Mexico tm, Downtown Albuquerque


Downtown Albuquerque is the economic, social and cultural center of New Mexico. It is here that first-class restaurants, hotels, exciting and unique entertainment venues, boutiques and some of the trendiest and most historic places to live all merge to comprise a unique urban experience one that pays tribute to the past while looking to the future. Downtown Albuquerque is unlike any other Downtown in the country!

  1. michela derry says

    one day ill go to visit it

  2. Juan Manuel Perez says

    Mexico 🇲🇽 is beautiful

  3. Dennis Bryan says

    Check out the Unser Racing Museum.

  4. Vegan Space says

    nice music

  5. Mike Paniora says

    im moving to deming new mexico, but i will checkout albuquerque,thanks for video..

  6. ButtCampbellX says

    Despite it's lack of typical major city high rises, abq seems nice. In another decade it will be way better.

  7. highway2heaven91 says

    Albuquerque is too far north for palm trees. They can get quite a bit of snow in the winter and even some blizzards, so palm trees are out of the question. You may be lucky enough to find one or two though.

    And Northern Arizona is also too cold for palms, while there are tons from the Phoenix area south. Southern New Mexico also has quite a few as well.

  8. Scott Pretopapa says

    No palm trees! I'm surprised! Arizona is right next door! Lame!!!…

  9. xavi xav says

    Crime city like rio Rancho. Too many racists in new mex.

  10. itftkddan says

    Downtown!!!! Wooo first comment!!!!

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