Travel, Food & Nightlife – Bangkok 112 Channel Trailer


Travel, Food & Nightlife – Bangkok 112 Channel Trailer

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All clips were filmed in January and February 2015.

Current video schedule is new material posted every day at 12:00pm Thailand time.

  1. M A R 100 Nevada USA says

    Be interested as to how the city looks today (05-05-20) and how the Wuhan Virus disrupted life..

  2. KoisukeGD says

    Oeme w

  3. KoisukeGD says


  4. KoisukeGD says


  5. tran van son says

    Hello and have a nice day to you ❤🤝👍🔔❤👍

  6. Z says

    Hey Bangkok112 message me. Got a busy offer for you. I was one of the early guys filming Bangkok red light on YouTube back in 2012. Got a new plan for 2020. Maybe we can work together

  7. Aras Ozkan says

    barış bradan gelenler 🙂

  8. A-Train Travels says

    Awesome! Thailand is best destination.

  9. 열심히사는회사원 says

    Lets go Bangkok and Pattya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jeramie Lokey says

    Just have to ask in Pattaya on walking street there was a place called devil Wich just wondering if it is still there I was there back in 2006 and 2007

  11. BWT CHANNEL says


  12. BWT CHANNEL says

    Very nice

  13. منتظر الفهد says

    تم ردهة قدوه

  14. 並木俊秀 says


  15. IKnowYouKnow says

    BKK 112's hardcore nightlife focus is why we all flock to his channel and watch every video he puts up. Pound for pound he gives his viewers more nightlife and smut than any other on the platform. He also has a real eye for hot girls and a wit that actually does add a lot.

  16. blue light orchestra says

    a beautiful video! Greetings from Northern Germany Peter (bandleader / composer blue light orchestra)

  17. OnAgain Random says

    I am going to Bangkok and Pattaya for 2 weeks in October. Quick question. I wear flip flops at home (texas) every day. Can I get by with just flip flops or do I need to pack regular shoes too?

  18. Leslie D. says

    Sin City Bangkok!

  19. Meet Manmeet says

    food for vegetarians there? like indian shops ate there?

  20. JohnB 00007 says

    Great video. The best trailer I have seen. Great music too.

  21. casualchaos1 says

    I have always had a thing for female authors. So I'll take one for show 16, please.

  22. Morglum says

    Amazing video!! Thay power! Anyone knows the name at this track?

  23. wieland8 says

    khap khun kab for nice and usefull video,s .mayby one day we bump to eachter in soi cowboy or somewhere else . greeting from the netherlands

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