Top Features of Oxygen OS 11 based on Android 11


OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11 it brings new features but more controversially a new looking UI that shows OnePlus is moving away from stock Android.
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Download Oneplus Game Space & Oxygen OS 11 Dp-4 :
Oneplus adds Video Portrait Mode, NightScape Video & Video Focus tracking feature with Oxygen OS 11 :
Oneplus new Gaming tool & Mis-Touch Prevention feature :
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  1. TechiBee says

    Oneplus Rolling out Redesigned Oneplus Weather application for Oneplus devices :
    Oneplus adds Video Portrait Mode, NightScape Video & Video Focus tracking feature with Oxygen OS 11 :
    Get Oneplus Launcher 5.0-Oxygen OS 11 Live wall & other features of OxygenOS11 on any Oneplus device :
    OnePlus Launcher 4.7.2 brings OnePlus Scout feature for Indian Users :
    OnePlus Gallery adds support for editing 4K 60fps videos and fix slow motion editing :
    Oxygen OS final DP-3 Android 11 brings Always-on Display & complete system UI change Oneplus 8/8pro :
    Get Android 11 Media Control & Notification panel on any Oneplus device :
    Oneplus 7 & 8 Series gets 90 FPS in Pubg Mobile🔥🔥🔥 :
    Oneplus teases new features of Android 11 coming on Oxygen OS 11 & Hydrogen OS 11 :
    Oxygen OS 10.3.4 for Oneplus 7 & 7 Pro gets new Ambient Clock styles w/ July patch :
    Get Apple iOS 14 Back Tap Gesture on any Oneplus device ( Any Android Phone ) :
    Get iOS 14’s camera and mic access indicators on any Android phone (Made in INDIA app) :
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  2. Saiyed Basit ali 313 says

    Update kab ay ga

  3. SAAB HUNTER says

    Root mein kase update krege?

  4. Vishnu Vyas says

    When will android 11 come for 7 series

  5. Daniyal Chand says

    Bhai set-up tour

  6. Suraj Jaiswal 20BACA says

    And here I am still waiting for stable update of android 10 for my oneplus 5 😠

  7. tik tok vaasigal says

    Why I am not getting is 11 update in nord????😢plss tell me

  8. SAJAL DAS says

    Are you still faciy display problem after update ?

  9. Al Musthakeem says

    This update erase data?

  10. Vishnu C says

    Bro, shall we get Android 11 on OnePlus 8…?

  11. Hasan Khan says

    When I get oxygen 11 android 11

  12. Rajeev Rajwara says

    make your videos in 19:8 ratio

  13. Rohan Banagar says

    It is coming in oneplus nord also….?

  14. Moh Aabid says

    One plus 7 ke liye kab milega Biro

  15. Gerzimlal Samuel says

    When Nord will get the OS11 ??

  16. Paulo Viana says

    Is it possible to hide this bar at the bottom?

  17. Ketul chaudhary says

    Date for stable update?…

  18. Melvin Varkey says

    Start using Zenmode if you easily gets distracted while working. I have been using Zenmode since they launched it…and it helped me a lot… !!

  19. Ashique Muhammed says

    Most of the things are available in the android 10 with the oxygen os 10 then why you showing that things in the highlight of oxygen 11.

  20. tasik says

    Lot's of the features I'm using on my nord running Android 10 🙂

  21. Gustavo Cherulli says

    Please, make a video OnePlus 7 android 10 vs android 11 speed test ! Thanks.

  22. Himanshu Biswas says

    I am currently using the oxygen os 11 beta 4 running on android 11 on my OnepPlus 8 pro, do you have any idea when will the upcoming beta updates are arriving for OnepPlus 8 pro ?

  23. Mh Fahim says

    Poor updatw

  24. Alex Galbiati says

    Hi, are there live Video effects (like Video bokeh) on the OnePlus 8? I watched a video on Youtube with an 8 Pro and Video bokeh Mode.. But I don't know regarding the Normal 8..thank you!

  25. Ali says

    Why do you talk like my old biology teacher talking as if the class needs to say the last word together

  26. qazi muneeb says

    also coming for oneplus 6?

  27. ਪਵਿੱਤਰ ਪਾਪੀ says

    Will it come on one plus 5 and 5t ?

  28. Vishal Kapadi says

    When oxygen os 11update coming in one plus nord

  29. Vishal Kapadi says

    When oxygen os 11update coming in one plus nord

  30. Vishal Kapadi says

    When oxygen os 11update coming in one plus nord

  31. Hassan Sheikh says

    Do you know when will the beta be available for OnePlus 7 series?

  32. Aryan says

    Should i upgrade to the Beta or wait for the Stable version? OP 7t pro Mclaren Edition

  33. eL - j says

    No onehand mode on quick toggles?

  34. Ram Kumar says OnePlus 7t takes more than 29 GB as system storage .. does this fixed in next os update?..

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