Top 7 Must Have Android Apps – Nov 2020!


More #androidapps and more #promocodes for #giveaways.

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3. DM me asking for Promocode for any 1 app

I will not give more than 1 promocode to a person at one time. Code will be given first come first serve basis. If you’re not responded, it means all promocdoes were over before I reached your DM.


Simpan (30 promocodes)





Dusk KWGT (40 promocodes)


  1. akbar ali says

    Dusk app I want

  2. akbar ali says



    Amazing video quality 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Breno Souza says


  5. Ok timeup says

    Which phone are you using?

  6. Yoaamos Ali says

    so o bought dusk app but to pick a widgets i need to buy another app !!! 🙃🙃🙃


    Hi bro are you using wich mobile?

  8. Sooraj Bala says

    You're too good Mate ! Keep going ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Michael Haokip's says

    u need new phone lol

  10. Joseph Zinenuba Dare says

    Dust promocode

  11. halfman Amazing says

    The way you design your phone screen always looks amazing

  12. Arif Dalpa says

    Finally someone from India without that cringy accent and narration is totally professional.

  13. Shah Faisal Khan says

    Abey bhai tu kabhi nahi deta promo code. Kitni baar request kar chuka hoon tumhare instagram pe. Tum to reply bhi nahi dete. Aaj 'Unsubscribe' kar raha hoon bhai, RIP karo maze se bhai (aur is comment ka bhi reply mat hee dena).

  14. Jimble Bin says

    I think Friendspire and Instaclean not bad but your phone should have TeaTV or VivaTV app to watch free movie

  15. Gaurav Pandya says

    Please give me promocode for Simpan

  16. Patana says

    Hi! Icon pack name? Thanks 🙂
    Greatings from Chile

  17. Mohammed Salman says

    Hello #Mobiscrub

    Do you still have Dusk KWGT promo-code available?

  18. Bhagyesh Patel says

    @mobiscrub – amazing content. Any time I want a new look for my android phone, mobiscrub is the place I come to and recommend my friends. Kudos to what you do! I downloaded and paid for all the apps. Is there a download link for novabackup or the launcher you used for your home screen setup?

  19. Kaushik Reddy says

    It's a shame that meetnotes is shutting down and hence no new sign ups are allowed. Any alternatives?

  20. Bladimir Becerra says

    Clima Cell have a nice widget for my Samsung Note 10+ . I was looking for something like that

  21. I am Sajal says

    Guys simpan is free on play store go and install it before the deal ends !

  22. Deepam Rathod says

    Inlike ur all videos i want an information i m using iphone can u tell how long does Samsung’s flagship phone last as i use iphones for 3-4 years. Will Samsung also be able to deliver same performance for 3-4 years . I want this information because now i want to switch to android . Please Guide . Thanks in advance.

  23. Tiffany Gunter says

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  24. Alex says

    Che tipo di cellulare usi ??

  25. Pritam Sen says

    Which MOBILE R U using

  26. Prudhvik Chirunomula says

    MeetNotes seemed like a very good app, but this is what it says..

    MeetNotes is shutting down on Nov 30th 2020, hence new Sign-ups are not allowed. If you are an existing user, we request you to download the notes before the deadline

  27. dbsirius says

    WARNING: Some of these apps are scammy. Just read the reviews in the Google store. Stay safe!

  28. Rudolf Agyemang says

    I like how you jump into the video straight away. Awesome

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