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TOP5 Best Knuckleballs | Soccer Matchballs | Fußbälle 2012
Best Footballs for Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kicks (Knuckle Shots)
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Die besten Matchbälle/Spielbälle für Flatterbälle 2011/2012:

1st: Winner: adidas Jabulani/Speedcell
-► Test Jabulani:

2nd: adidas Torfabrik 1 Fußball Matchball
-► Test | Review:

3rd: adidas Europass (2008)
-► Test | Review: sorry no Test/Review

4th: adidas Tango 12 EURO 2012
-► Test | Review:

5th: adidas Torfabrik 3
-► Test | Review:

Wie immer ist diese Auflistung subjektiv und hängt vom Fußballspieler ab – es heißt nicht, dass die gelisteten Fußbälle bei jedem Kicker gleich gut ankommen – vieles hängt auch von der Technik ab.

These are our favorite football Matchballs – this doesn’t mean that the mentioned soccer balls are THE BEST Matchballs for football/soccer. It really depends on the player and his feet. Everyone is individual – everyone need his own “favorite”Matchball / ball!

Cheers, Grüße

Konzi von freekickerz

E Dubble – Standing Tall

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  1. Tiago Leonardo Arevalo Morales says

    Telstar18 ?

  2. Football Style says

    First clean your football

  3. Niall Rutherford says

    Can I have a Jabulani

  4. Krompier Brothers says


  5. Annemarie Hill says


  6. VaiosZaxosFreekicks says

    Weare is the daniel?

  7. daniel wallbanks says

    Do you still have any of these balls ? Can I buy them

  8. RuSh XeNo says

    Rip e dubble

  9. Yashji Odedra says

    I am a big fan of Freekickerz but I think most of the balls were filled with helium like if u agree

  10. Georgios Athanassiou says

    der war drin

  11. Taylor Petrich says

    this is a dumb video

  12. Ben Rowe says

    Can you guys please make an updated version of this? I'd love to see one

  13. Saad says

    Why are Jabulanis so expensive?

  14. Pete Miller says

    sub to me

  15. Macabe-08 says

    Adidas Jabulani o Brazuca?

  16. FIFA Nation says

    Does anyone know if the Euro 16 matchball is good to do knuckeball's with????

  17. vinu varshith says

    Terrific song to get the knuckling mood!

  18. JoselitoFS says

    Adidas Conext15 are good?

  19. FunKidsCartoons says

    First video that hasn't gotten 1.000.000 views…

  20. Garda Tube says

    did i use brazuca football?

  21. Joel Phillips says

    Is the Nike strike any good?

  22. Zuhri says

    I volleyed a soccer ball and the ball went insane.

  23. Jannes Klesse says

    ist dieser rot-schwarze ein jabulani?

  24. Emilio Peraza says

    false ! all shots of montage tipe

  25. Soccer Kickerz says

    maybe they have helium

  26. daveskill says

    where you bought the ball ?( adidas jabulani )

  27. Ianis Mihai Iovan says

    who is watching this on june 2016

  28. Владимир Бахмат says

    Wo kann man diese Bälle kaufen

  29. David Vervoordeldonk says

    where can you buy the torfabrik 1

  30. DraqonBass says

    1:23 omg !!!

  31. EbbleMok says

    it doesent matter wich ball u use. u can do a knuckleball with any ball.these balls just make it easer to learn

  32. Kārlis Bergs says

    Is this ball nice for knuckleballs/curves adidas 2015 UEFA Champions League Glider Football.Link from sportsdirect:–827164?colcode=82716418

  33. Christian Barragan says

    Could you guys please make a video showing more modern balls, like 2015-16? Thanks!

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