Top 5 best footballs 2019 – in today’s video we take a look at the Top 5 best footballs in 2019 to give you an idea about which football you should get. There are many high end footballs out there, and especially the match balls are among the best. Here, we’ll include the adidas UCL Finale match ball, the Nike Merlin Premier League football, the Select Brilliant Super TB football, the Uhlsport Elysia Ligue 1 football and the PUMA Final 1 La Liga ball in our Top 5 best footballs 2019 list. A good football is a ball with a lot of reliability and good movement in the air, which will also have a good amount of foam and a responsive flight when you strike it hard – and all the balls in our Top 5 Best footballs 2019 list have those traits. So if you’re into a great football for freekicks or knuckleballs, this list is the one for you.


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  1. naphaphonh souphanthavong says

    how cant iorder im in usa

  2. &.E. says

    We need the 2020 list ASAP!!

  3. Fwaz KW says

    He asked me why are you doing me huh why are you doing me I am asking and I am not doing anything ha ha Ha ha ha

  4. PuR3 Skillz says

    Can you make a video of the top budget balls you can buy

  5. Vijay Simms says

    What’s ACC?

  6. Simpufy says

    And I can’t afford none of them 😐

  7. Tate Dougherty says

    Does Episoketren System really help to increase your soccer skills? I've read numerous good things about this popular training program.

  8. Kostas Kadri says

    5:05 which ball is better????Can someone help me????

  9. Tomasz Sroda says

    What is the actual difference between the merlin and the magia ball other than the price?

  10. Rawan Succarieh says


  11. smn han says

    love the kaizer chiefs jersey!

  12. ItzJaydon G says

    Is he wearing a Kaizer Cheifs jersey??🤣🤣🇿🇦🇿🇦

  13. Praveen Sharrma A19EE0396 says


  14. JSOUL says

    Hello what soccer ball do u think is better for a beginner like me a Nike prestige soccer ball or a Nike strike ball

  15. Moragazking Beast says

    Adidas glider ball is best

  16. Chad Burks says

    What's your take on the Select Numero 10 football?

  17. beautiful views says

    1 one Quality Pakistan

  18. Jewel Paul says

    Do anybody know about Episoketren System? Does it really work? I hear lots of people improve their soccer skills with it with this popular training course.

  19. Хозе Гонзалез says

    the merlin is so shit. too heavy. always feels like your playing on a wet pitch cos it doesnt bounce properly and feels like its waterlogged

  20. Nepholien Gaming NP says

    I use premier league of Rs4234$

  21. Gyandip sarma says

    I like it😀😀😀

  22. B says

    I only came here to hear him pronounce Adidas

  23. Dat Boi says

    I buy OFC's but will also buy the $8 balls for funsies.

  24. Matthew Azpilicueta says

    uhh, where did you find those stark white Nike boots? Dope.

  25. Henrik Johannessen says

    Cheap Select balls are ones to avoid at all costs!!

  26. Adam Helmey says

    This ball is so expensive😭😭😭

  27. Skrooz says

    I only use the Mikasa black and white football, it's not expensive, but I still can show my skills with it

  28. MatOnMobile says

    I have the yellow Nike PL ball.

  29. MatOnMobile says

    Imagine Unisport make a ball and put it as number 1.Haha😂

  30. Joaquim Fernanded says

    A bola da liga portuguesa é a melhor

  31. Danny Edelman says

    You mean soccer balls 🤦‍♂️😂 I get annoyed with soccer and American football being called the same thing

  32. Michael Muñoz Jimenez says

    Hi bro, Try the Golty Forza ball, it is a Colombian brand, it is an excellent ball, even the Brazilian team trains with Golty balls

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