Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador (Ecuador Travel Guide)


This list of top 10 things to do in Ecuador shows you the highlights of the country along the avenue of the volcanoes in the Andean region
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Ecuador is one of the most diverse countries in the world though it’s comparably tiny. Beside the Galapagos Islands (which is the #1 tourist destination in Ecuador) the country has a lot more to offer, therefore I focussed on “La Sierra” in this video which is a paradise for landscape lovers and outdoor adventurers.

Another reason to visit the Andean region is that you have the chance to dive into the local culture and get a real feeling of Ecuador. The places to see in Ecuador I focussed on in this short video are the result of my own travels along the center from north to south and are easily doable in 2 weeks time.

Things to do in Ecuador covered in this video:
01) 00:36 – Otavalo market in Otavalo
02) 01:00 – Hike the Cuicocha lake
03) 01:25 – Middle of the World, Mitad del Mundo & Quitsato in Cayambe
04) 01:48 – Quito, capital & UNESCO World Heritage
05) 02:08 – Termas de Papallacta (hot springs)
06) 02:24 – Cayambe Coca National Park
07) 02:45 – Quilotoa & Shalala viewpoint
08) 03:13 – Tren Crucero & Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s nose)
09) 03:47 – Inka ruins in Ingapirca
10) 04:04 – Cuenca & it’s beautiful old town

What are your best things to do in Ecuador?
I’m looking forward to more tips from other travelers and Ecuador experts. Have you been and know of some cool places? Let us know in the comments below!

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As part of Team Germany aka #TeamDe I was exploring the Andes region in Ecuador (La Sierra) within the Feel Again Project. In this project 18 artists from 4 different countries are exploring the 4 different regions of Ecuador:


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  1. David Santana99 says

    Very nice video, I am from Ecuador and I recommend it. My country has four different regions: coast, sierra, east and galapagos. We are waiting for you with open doors, greetings from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

  2. J 336 says

    After we die, what happens to us?

  3. EsTeFi! Arteaga says

    💛💙♥️ |🇪🇨|

  4. Hj sharma says

    Love it…!! From India 🇮🇳

  5. eliseandco says

    Incredibly beautiful country

  6. Erich Guaman says

    if someone is interested in coming to Ecuador, I live in Orellana and I'm an English teacher, I can guide you through the Amazon region, welcome to my country and I let my data so you can contact me:

  7. Fetch says

    Im here because my crush is originally from Ecuador but he grew up in USA😳😳😳

  8. Karuppusamy N says

    yes….👌🏻 nice excellent.
    welcome from India

  9. Byron Sevilla says

    Baños de Agua Santa, Loja, Vilcabamba, maybe Ambato, and u have visited almost all andean region on Ecuador.

  10. Anudeep Nambiar says

    Nice train

  11. Outside Limits says

    Thanks for this, very nice and concise summary you have. We were fortunate to see 6 of those 10 in Ecuador during our trip last year (plus some other experiences like hiking up Chimborazo) — if only we had more time!

  12. Galo Romero says

    I want to go to know that beautiful country Ecuador😍

  13. Johnny Martinez says

    I just found out that I'm half Ecuadorian lol after 34 years of thinking that I was full 🇵🇷 But now I'm 🇵🇷 and 🇪🇨

  14. sayan biswas says

    It's on my bucket list for so long

  15. AnimeOne says

    i love Ecuador..amazing landscape and lovely country…❤️❤️❤️Galapagos is my favorite Island from you Ecuador..

  16. Carolyn V. Hamilton says

    My favorite place to visit in Ecuador is the volcano Quilotoa. I like camping there.

  17. Marlon Armijos says

    Dont forget to visit Loja (located in southern Ecuador near Cuenca)

  18. Alex Montero says

    Me voy a ecuador este augusto por la primera vez.(soy de nueve Jersey

  19. Laura Buchanan says

    It looks beautiful

  20. Rhonda Richter says

    Ohhhhh I was here in 1974!!!! So very very beautiful!!! I stayed with a redheaded woman who was married to an attorney in Riobamba

  21. Lesley Yarberry says

    We lived in Quito for two years back in the sixties. I still miss it.

  22. All Things Every Things كل شيء says


  23. Rohit Toshniwal says

    Montañita tambien hay tan lindo lugar es una playa

  24. Camilo Landin says


  25. Nancy Choez says

    Falto parte de la costa

  26. Alex Ramsay says

    Cayambe and cotopaxi hikes are amazing

  27. Jack Plays says


  28. Nutriție Sportivă says


  29. Gathka Master says

    Fucked weak and poor…once they banned all sikhs from any nation

  30. ドメ says

    la sie R a jajajajajajaja

  31. Hung Nguyen says

    How is the bugs there? I dont go out much since i moved to Florida because of the bugs. They love me too much.

  32. Kitoy Palaboy says

    How about picking up dead covid people on the streets?

  33. Ana Maria Reyes says

    galapagos im of ecuador

  34. Rafssuper 18 says

    Yo vivo en Ecuador (I live in ecuador)

  35. just pass time without crime says

    Nityananda Highland is in equodor

  36. Robbie vela says

    esta bien pero el problemas es que esta en ingles

  37. TheHood vt says

    Fuck hanao

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  39. The 23rd President Funny Valentine says

    Number 1: Don't Get The Coronavirus

  40. JewieDabooi says

    Anyone else her from their Spanish class?

  41. Luis Alvarez says

    Exelente video de Ecuador,lindos paisajes!!

  42. Gregory McMillan Associates says

    I luv my beautiful country!!!!!

  43. Liliana Tufino says

    Am going to Ecuador this Summer.thanks for the tips!

  44. Padre Oki Doki says

    Espectacular video y maravilloso Ecuador

  45. Ale AM says

    I love the way you share how marvelous Ecuador is!!
    We're very lucky to have such a diversity in our country!

  46. Romina Rosales says

    I'm sorry to say this , but if you're a tourist from another country , and specially from a first world country , don't bargain with the artisans, most of them are struggling to make ends meet and their work is invaluable, you don't look like a local kby doing so , you just look like an asshole.

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