Tony Stewart's All American Racing Career Mode | Episode 1



Debut episode for the NEW Tony Stewart game! We start our career mode off in something VERY familiar…A STREET STOCK! Let’s see how we do!
A new hotshot has joined the Street Stock Series! Will the rookie be able to show the Veteran’s that he is for real?

  1. Daniel Galbreath Racing says

    Do you have any actual racing experience? All the changes your making are making me cringe.

  2. Jonathan Lakey says

    Awesome video, it’s also given me some set up ideas 😃

  3. HYTS SAMURAI says

    Do you race in Illinois anymore if so where?

  4. Justin Schwing says

    Why is everyone scared to be honest this game looks terrible it looks like a ps2 game

  5. The Sim Lounge says

    Good stuff. I’m from update NY I grew up on the Big Blocks. We are having a blast running theses in this game. Both against the AI and online. Keep them coming. 👍🏻

  6. Dakota Harris says

    Is there a damage model on this game? That would kinda be my deciding factor in getting this

  7. Roger Staib says

    no sound for the last 5 mins or so

  8. Salvador Palma says

    Worst career intro ever. I get the idea, but it doesn't work, in my opinion. Takes you out of the game setting even before you start the game.

  9. Charlie Shakur says

    I am dizzy

  10. Andrew Tulip says

    Love the dirt games from Tony Stewart but we need an asphalt late model one w Kyle Busch too

  11. Joker's Gaming says

    Planning on buying a hobby roller this year and hopefully get racing part time in 2022

  12. Feather Black says

    GTX 1660Ti officially recommended for 20yo looking graphics.

  13. Xtreme Dirt Racing says

    Awesome! 👍

  14. Vinnie Giocondo says

    Sound cut out just before A main.

  15. mvd3338698 says

    What's up OG GO ,how are you bro ???

  16. Mayson Moyer says

    Hey I’m the person that said my cousins race midgets.( I am going two race a hobby stock in 2022 I’ll be 11

  17. AGENT 47 says

    Looks too boring

  18. ZOMBIE JESUS says

    around & around …

  19. Eugene Eugene says

    most boring racing game ever?

  20. Vito Scaletta says

    soooooo , when do you Run over and Murder the other driver(s) ?

  21. Mayson Moyer says

    I hope I get this on my b-day my uncle plays it (my older cousin got a hobby stock and is raxing tomorrow can you say good luck Greyson

  22. NotRyxn says

    I’m the red legend car in the first video intro of the game… didn’t think I’d make it in lol

  23. David Phillips says

    Do you like this or the sprint car game better? I like this better because the graphics and physics seem better. Plus the legend cars look AMAZING

  24. HelveticaBold1 says

    What system are you playing on?

  25. Ogreman222 says

    Game looks like a lot of fun. My only initial complaint is the same as the sprint car version, they need to give the tracks more than just the bottom line. The preferred line needs to vary track to track and even based on track conditions. As it is, the very bottom is always the fastest way to go.

  26. Chase Hill says

    I have a problem with street stocks where when I come outa the corner the car turns to the left but idk how to fix it

  27. The Rival says

    Will this replace your sprint car series

  28. Rheper says

    My opinion best racing game we have got in a long time I’m about 8 races into my career so far I played around with the big blocks in quick race they are probably the most fun love the vids keep it up

  29. Shelley mechenich says

    How much was it

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