Today’s update from Sp Charan about SPB Sir’s Health


SPB health condition | Today Health update

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  1. Dr.Subash Thanappan says

    We still hope for Sir's stable health…

  2. Sundar Aadith says

    இவன் யேப்பா பாரு இங்கிலீஷ் லேயே தா பேசுவான்.தமிழ் நாட்டு மக்களின் வேண்டுதல் தா எல்லாம் .நானும் பல முறை சொல்லிட்டேன் .சரண் தமிழ்ல பேசுயா இல்ல தெரியாதா

  3. MANJUNATH D says

    Balu sir will come back… definitely

  4. Rajeswari Rajappa says

    Our pray for spb also take care Anna.take care of ur family

  5. kavithapriya CJ says

    Don't worry charan anna ..God will be with u and appa.. also we happy that u clearing fake news .. appa will come soon back to us… Take care of amma and u as well.. Love u all..

  6. Vijaya Lakshmi Burugula says


  7. Busetty Giridhar says

    Sai ram 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Native Tamil Kitchen says

    Get well soon sir..God is with you🙏🏻

  9. shobith jacob shyam says


  10. Tadepalli Aravind says

    Thank you charan sir for giving update on SPB sir, definitely Balu Garu will recover,it may take time.

  11. Krishna TRS says

    Lord Krishna is taking care of SP Bala sir. He will get well soon

  12. vengadesh thenkumutha says

    Tq…Charan sir… For the update…we will keep praying for your dad SP Bala's sir health.I very sure your dad will back to music industry soon…take care of his health.kind advice for all the people of earth please do not spread the negatives news… please support and pray for his return for music industry… Tq

  13. Humanity prevails says

    I think media should stop spreading fabricated, misleading fake news about S P B Sir. The family is struggling to cope with his health conditions. The family needs privacy. people should respect this and act accordingly. Google has a new policy to band fake news publishers and it should implement it. Pray for SPB for a speedy recovery . kalyani Raja from London.

  14. Sudha Nair says

    SAIRAM 🙏🙏🙏

  15. Karthick kkok says

    கருணை உள்ளம் கொண்ட தமிழர் யன்றும் நல்ல உள்ளம் கொண்ட மானிடர் காக… நன்றி வணக்கம்.

  16. Karthick kkok says

    தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில் லூ டா.. வாழ்க தமிழ் வளர்க உங்கள் நல்ல உள்ளம் காமராஜ் ஐய்யா.

  17. Nipun Studies says

    May God bless him sir and you be strong

  18. Thayalan S says

    We are praying for his fast recovery Pls do update the news about him

  19. A S Gowri Sankar says

    Thank you, SPB Charan Sir

  20. Latharamanathan R says

    Tks sir …get well soon Spb sir 🙏

  21. Premalatha says

    Thank you Charan for the updates 🙏

  22. Primus DRAGO - Gods Of Rome says

    God bless spb sir.we a praying for sir to get well soon.tq god.

  23. Mona Suresh says

    I grew up listening to the renderings of TMS and SPB. SPB had a unique style unmatched by others. It is heartening to learn that he is recovering fast. God bless and keep you SPB, one of my favorites.

  24. Mani Jenni says

    Thanks for d update aya. Will keep praying for him in d Name of Jesus. Pls keep strong. I am fr Malaysia. Amen

  25. jayashri raja says

    Be Brave Saran..Get well soon spb sir💕

  26. Chandrashekar R says

    SPB sir is a wonderful human being. Nothing wrong will happen to him. Let us pray and hope for the best.

  27. lokesh loki says

    Thank you very much for giving us good news

  28. Gloria Lazarus says

    Thanks for the update sir !! We continue our prayers..May he get well soon !!

  29. Anitha Jayasheel says

    Glad to hear that sir is recovering I don't listen to take news l believe you Charan

  30. Love u Jesus Amen says

    Hi brother how are you god is with dad do not worry god bless you

  31. gringo fdp says

    God bless Balu garu with speedy recovery

  32. Viji Krishna says

    Please other channels dont spread false news & you are infact troubling SPB sirs family….. instead we can pray for him Thank you charan dont worry He will recover soon These are all passing clouds & this will become history.

  33. Lakshmi Venkatraman says

    SPB sir please come soon

  34. Rema Devi says

    Thanks God..

  35. K vasu Arts says

    Pray for spb.

  36. N RK says

    Thanks a lot, Charan. Our very affable Balu is the cynosure of all Kannadigas. Prayers for his early recovery from the whole of Karnataka.

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