TJASS DISRESPECTED HIM! Trash Talker Won't Stop Talking S***! 5v5 Basketball At The Park!


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  1. Zac Smith says

    That dude has the Lonzo Ball shot

  2. blackout2430 says

    Cash you right I hate hooping against them skinny dudes man they always cut you open with them razor blade elbows

  3. Idris Tyson says

    Anybody know who the guy is in the burgundy jeans

  4. Pmf Lawrence says

    If you haven’t already please repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus died for you and he loves you tomorrow is not promised so please accept Jesus today. God bless

  5. Julio Bryant says

    Cash you should play full courts n post the game

  6. Jordan Heale says

    First off day I've seen of Tjass

  7. Axxzul says

    can someone make a meme with tjass and cash and cash's bills please

  8. Savvy says

    Cash always talking about top of the key my man goes 1-4

  9. Puchu Puchu says

    Lemme play you cash

  10. Kevin Jeong says

    There’s a kid like that trash talker at my school that won’t stop trash talking me

  11. A Soldier’s Perspective says

    14:53 homie in the back with the “ooo ayeee “

  12. Yfn_Will3x says

    damn lil uzi got his shot blocked and a 3 to the face

  13. Yfn_Will3x says

    it's the rim for me

  14. Alfred The duck says

    John had a off day

  15. Alfred The duck says

    T jass was playing like a play shot on the twos

  16. Huryion O'Neal says

    i like how t wasn't playing his best and still posted

  17. Aii-Blaze says

    18:28 imagine not shooting that wide open shot, couldn't be me.

  18. Lanz Paqueo says

    Maybe that trash talker is with that dude with the hat smokin somewhere hahahahahahah

  19. Lanz Paqueo says

    If you play that guy cash, hit that trash talker in the face haha

  20. wolfboypgn 1 says

    The trashctalkers abs maje his stomatch look like a face

  21. JjxShWa says

    14:39 keeping this for later

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