1. Ninja Tyler Black says

    Ewww Sturgis covid strain

  2. Nati Per Perdere says

    get well man

  3. C. M. says

    You are my absolute favorite on wkuk I can't tell you how many times I damn near pissed myself laughing at you 😂 ty hope you get better soon get back to making what the world needs more laughter

  4. Kai Saito says

    Gotta calm those ghosts down Timmy.

  5. RubelliteFae says

    Green tea (antioxidant), honey (antibiotic), ginger, & lemon (I don't remember why these last two, but the combination does help the throat).

  6. MillionBlue青 says

    Take care dood!

  7. Killernuma123 says

    Good to hear you're feeling better now, hopefully the cough subsides completely soon! But why is Covid also known as gnome's disease?? Lol

  8. Ian Lundquist says

    Timmy!! I hope you get better soon!

  9. Copy a says

    we love you Timmy!!!

  10. Em V says

    Kick COVIDs ass Timmy! You got this dude

  11. A man with one hand says

    Stay well timmy much love dude.

  12. Matthew Walsh says

    NO! You stay well, Timmy ma'boi. Don't let the germs get you down.

  13. Tyler Ryan says

    Subscribed. Stay strong Timmy!

  14. Cyriss Smith says

    Just found out you have a youtube channel of your own

  15. Keith Guy says


  16. Oakster says

    It would be interesting if that person could be held liable due to the reckless trip and bringing it back then continued reckless behavior.

  17. Tom Scott says

    Glad you're doing alright man!

  18. ianwatches says

    Glad you're on the up swing man.

  19. Yaz HX says

    Thanks for clearing out that it was only a teapot, I was really scared for a sec!

  20. Engel the Mage says

    I can't believe you got beat up by a covid biker gang

  21. Hey Dude says

    Gargling warm salt water always helped when I had a sore/scratchy throat. Hope it passes quickly

  22. Corey Woodworth says

    Good to hear you're on the mend!

  23. Greg Over says

    Like 7. Glad to see you getting better already.

  24. Travis Houston says

    Take care of yourself, Timmy. We are hoping for a speedy recovery!

  25. Campbell DeSousa says

    Get well soon dude, thanks for being such a big part of the best thing about 2020

  26. William Landis says

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better; this video got posted while I was watching the first one.

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