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This week on Send Foodz, it’s always yummy in Philadelphia. Tim and David are taking a food tour of the City of Brotherly Love right from Tim’s kitchen–we’re talking tomato pie, hoagies, ice cream, and of course, cheesesteaks (wit wiz). Find out what they thought of your Philly favorites on an all-new episode of Send Foodz and let us know in the comments below if they are any more iconic Philadelphia eats they should try.

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Campos Italian hoagies:

Corropolese Bakery:

Pats Original Cheesesteaks:


Bassetts ice cream bestsellers:

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be all bad, especially when you get some of the best food and drinks delivered right to your doorsteps. Our latest show, “Send Foodz,” will show you where to order the best dishes, hosted by your favorite comedians, foodies, and world-renowned YouTube influencers, Tim Chantarangsu and David So. We sample all the best bites and sips the country has to offer. Don’t miss out on any of the fun!


Tim Chantarangsu
David So

Associate Producer
Taylor Brown

Camera Operators
John Ros
Mark Armenta

Audio Operator
Andrew Maldonado

Culinary Stylist
David Bartnes

Zachary Lapierre

Production Coordinator
Myra Rivera

Danna Windsor

Senior Producer
Gabrielle Williott

Line Producer
Anna Frangos

Post-Production Supervisor
Daniel Byrne

Director of Development
Leo Fernandez

Creative Director
Audra V. Pace

Head of Video
Jim D’Amico

Chief Content Officer
Meghan Kirsch

Executive Producers
Tim Chantarangsu, David So

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  1. Didi says

    this was the weirdest yet funniest at home episode yet hahahahah

  2. Kevin Aguilar says

    That krumpettes bit was stooopid

  3. Kent Pieterse says

    Timothy De La Cosby! 🤣

  4. MaCaDeLiC_760 says

    Tim always playing with the knife and smashing the food is getting kinda annoying now. It was funny the first time….

  5. Joe Pham says

    Whoever picking these spots should get fired. Straight disrespecting philly’s food culture. Please do better research!! RIP

  6. Jen 101 says

    I think they're getting tired of making these videos. Why do they always play with their food. They didn't do that before. I guess there isn't much to do or say anymore? Lol.

  7. YamaAgni says

    Wow. That sounds like something I never want to try 😂

  8. Stash PHL says

    Pats and Genos are for tourist. Go to the deli.

  9. Shawn Robinson says

    U might as well ran the art museum steps wit this tourist bullshit!

  10. sthao1 says

    philly cheesesteak is highly overrated. the roast pork is so much better.

  11. Britt Chase says

    This really made my heart hurt 😞 I don’t know who let them eat from these spots but they were wrong!!! So wrong!!!

  12. BigSteph008 Bryant says

    Next time I’ll get y’all the real real deal from Philly! Not knocking ur choices however there are Better Places… just get at me…

  13. Khinu Xiong says

    Really thought tim grabbed a knife at first for his famous cuts 😂

  14. Melanie says

    I almost cried when he said that corropolese pizza was like chef boyardee 😭😭 my family eats this like at least once a year lol.
    Also, Pats and Genos are tourist spots.. you gotta go to a mom and pop.

  15. Camay says

    Please give the editor a RAISE! My mom is from Philly and she hates the known cheesesteak places. Maybe since she's from the West

  16. Antionette Cole says

    Guys you didn’t get any pretzels?

  17. Antionette Cole says

    He’s gonna be a dad ladies and gentlemen. If Tim could do it anyone can.

  18. Human Bean says

    I was gonna order some cheesesteaks… but fucking $99 dollars? Ain’t no cheese steak taste like $99 dollars b

  19. Klee Klee says

    I gotta say it… you guys got the worst food from philly. The worst hoagie, the worst pizza, the worst cheese steak.

  20. chunky soup says

    did the sound guy fell asleep?

  21. Xtones says

    You guys picked the worst cheesesteak spot. Only real Philly cheesesteaks are from Daleessandro’s if not Jim’s on South St.

  22. R Mac says

    Next time go to Fresh Grocer for a hoagie Arby's ain't got nothing on them their hoagies weigh at least 5 lbs… Also "CHEESE WHIZ DON'T GO ON CHEESESTEAKS"

  23. Gabriel Hall says


  24. Psibound says

    David I was going to say I was a little afraid for your well being with Tim's knife skills. But not after finding out your a well done fan…. Just eat some bbq instead of steaks please.

  25. Alyssa says

    Philly pizza and no Lorenzo's!?!?!

  26. Ellie says

    Just moved here. This came at the right time. I will say, I do enjoy room temp beer 🤷🏽‍♀️

  27. What The Kink says

    I guess it was the angle, but Tim looked EXACTLY like his dad while he was beating the heck out of David’s sandwich.

  28. Michael Lackland says

    If THOSE 2 don't have Coronavirus being THAT close, there's hope 4 the world! 🤣

  29. luvly lisa says

    I prefer the roasted pork sandwich with the broccoli raw. SooOOOooOOoOo good! Been told it is the OTHER Philly sandwich. Tasty Kakes! Yaasssss! That with some TukeyHill Sweet Tea!!! Now that's Philly!

  30. Robert Leduc says

    purple monkey dishwasher a Simpsons reference?

  31. Tristan E says

    malort! I hardly know her

  32. Tristan E says

    that slight face move for the knife haha

  33. M Gilmore says

    Pat's and geno's is some tourist shit.

  34. Tartaruga Styles says

    Can you do a middle eastern food episode

  35. justwhateva B says

    I sure don't know who told you that was "PHILLY "food. None of that stuff reps the PHILLY I grew up in,south Philly makes the best hoagies,best cheesesteaks comes from Max's, Please next time do ya research, cause that just made my city look bad on the food side of things….smh

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