This Game is AWESOME!! || Age of Calamity LIVE Playthrough!!


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THIS IS AWESOME!! So far we have just completed the Daruk level in Chapter 2, but today I plan on unlocking more of the champions and playing their levels!!

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Due to the surplus of spoilers, I am deciding not to read the chat today (also because I’m gonna be very invested in the experience since its new) Donations and the on screen alert box will also be turned off too.

Lets try to get 500 likes on todays stream!! I know we can do it!! 😀

  1. Croton says

    All of the Champions are now acquired!! And they're all fantastic to play as
    Thanks for watching though!! Will be streaming more today!! 🙂

  2. Chan Marr says

    Urbosa is such an overkill, I love it!!

  3. cabron1984 says

    i just randomly stasised the balloon bc i want it to shoot it and that did the trick

  4. Noah Farthing says

    Koha is powerful in this game since it was before 100 hundred years of being a lazy idiot

  5. Marcus Rios says

    When I saw sidon

  6. Caleb Kezeske says

    2:35:00 you helped the one

  7. Abdul-Azeez Azeez says

    Sooga says forget these cowards than runs away lol!

  8. Noah Farthing says

    No wonder the rito are almost extinct in botw link killed them all 😆

  9. Ekans919 says

    impressive I know

  10. TheBirdBrained says

    This amazing cutscene composition is absolutely blowing my mind! Especially with Ravioli-Link battle. And the line at 41:10 sent me into hysterics. To hear that line, out of Revali’s beak? Simply asinine.

  11. IZ says

    missed you live, but I am excited to see more! thanks for all you do!

  12. Kaylee Dalton says

    Cool game but I kinda wish it was an actual prequel. I understand why they changed it though

  13. James Coursey says


  14. Nicholas Arno says


  15. A Whale says


  16. Dat Boy Keagan says


  17. Andrew Miles says


  18. TerminalVelocity says


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