This Basketball Team Didn't WIN A GAME FOR 26 YEARS!


Today we discuss the longest losing streak in U.S history. Between 1985 and 2011 Caltech’s men’s basketball lost a staggering 310 straight conference matchups. It doesn’t look like our friends over at Caltech will be getting a top recruit any time soon.

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  1. jewWsH on YT says

    Bruh 26 years 😂😂😂😂🤯

  2. Iam Digi says

    I need that Elmquist 23 jersey

  3. Montrell Brooks says

    Just imagine

  4. Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP says

    I thought this video was about the Knicks

  5. Breezy Oreo says

    20 years later here is a team that hasn’t one a game in 20 years

  6. Style1 says

    I can’t believe we don’t have trapsax anymore ☹️

  7. TJ Cleiney says

    you know that this is a life and death situation when 2 winning streak is "STAGGERING"

  8. The Chikosi Trio says

    1:43-1:46 Dang, my mom is old.

  9. Yellow Cake says

    I miss home

  10. King Shaq34 says

    Caltech should play against Community Colleges and Junior Colleges instead of D3 Schools

  11. King Shaq34 says

    At 4:46, There's a Gym that you could see in the Window.

  12. King Shaq34 says

    I never really knew Caltech had Athletics and Sports Programs until I watched this Video.

  13. Andy Masacayan says

    Giant Killing!!

  14. Russell Eastbrick says

    Rather get a PhD then win a game lol

  15. M1Gz says

    Isn't Caltech The school in Young Sheldon

  16. Paul Ray Tabada says

    Hahaha..i cant stop myself laughing! But i feel the energy of winning!!

  17. Vincent binsoy says

    The school they beat probably dissolved there basketball team

  18. Protect Attac says

    Losing streak ended = Winning a championship

  19. Alex Martins says

    Lmao these guys are the real life benchwarmers 😂

  20. TheOminousbeanbag says

    They had a winning conference season in 2019. First time since 1954. Time for another vid lol.

  21. Safe Space Bear says

    That's awesome.

  22. 丹れ工爪モ下丹れ丹れ工爪モ下丹れ says

    5:20 when your crush asked you out

  23. Jack Langborg says

    Hahaha it's because of their recruiting. The basketball team has very little influence on who the school will accept into the school so you have to be incredibly smart to get in and be good at basketball which isn't a common combo

  24. Lord Lopikong says

    You can't really be a loser if you have a stable and bright future ahead of you(that isn't basketball)

  25. LemonLord3000 says

    Caltech makes winning a game look like winning a chip

  26. Ivan Bacac says

    If they where in undertale they Will be gods XD

  27. Bryson Liu says

    “I miss home。” dam rip

  28. Darwin Hu says

    I have been on a losing streak on mobile legend went from legend to grandmaster so oof I raged hard

  29. Tacos X Anime says

    I wish they would extend it for another 10 years

  30. Yes says

    ‘Before time began ……..1985’ 😂😂😂

  31. Nenad Šeguljev says

    no movie about this?!

  32. Leostrazsa says

    Bunch of big brain boi's. Who cares if they can't hoop.

  33. House Grumpy Boys says

    Imagine losing by 1 because of a guy that would go on to work at Google

  34. Earnist Se says

    I woulda told everyone to get off me , it’s 1 game I would be pissed if everyone stormed me after 1 win

  35. Seal Johnson says

    dang, this Knicks team hit different

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